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Watch the Amazing Vietnam Airlines 787 Dreamliner Video

While some view commercial airplanes as ‘boring’, given that their only role is to safely transport humans and cargo (or just cargo), realities are that the planes are safer because they can go through incredible challenges and still land safely at the destination. This is why airshows are such a precious events, because we get to see those planes without tens or even hundreds of tonnes of passengers, cargo and fuel. Once their weight is reduced, these planes – which have to take off with a single engine even if packed to the brim, become acrobatic masters. Boeing thrilled the visitors of Paris Air Show 2015 by showing off an almost vertical


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Big Data in Planes: New P&W GTF Engine Telemetry to Generate 10GB/s

P&W placed 5,000 sensors in its new GTF engine, expects to generate 12PB of streaming data each year. Big data is about to explode in airline industry.