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Why Should an Online Business Implement Virtual Reality (VR)?

As you might be aware, virtual reality shopping is well on its way to being commonplace. Alibaba, eBay, Ikea, Wayfair, even the hypercar manufacturer Pagani are all dabbling with the usage of VR headsets to help sell products. But this is all well and good for large companies who have the budget to trial such projects, but what about small and medium-sized online businesses who are unsure of whether VR will catch on? To begin with, there is seemingly nothing wrong with simply selling from your website like we’ve known for the last decade. It’s easy, efficient, and for anyone who has ever gone through the


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IBM: Disruption has Already Happened

Every day, our inbox gets flooded with gazillion startups claiming they’re on a path of market disruption. From another standpoint, numerous funds and banks love to talk about disruption and claim that we will live in a ‘brave new world’ thanks to services they provide. ‘Big Blue’, nickname for an IT giant from Armonk in New York state, decided to claim something different – that the digital disruption already happened. Now, some claims from the slide are quite exaggerated (Netflix?), but we will leave you to bring your own conclusions. The message IBM sends is quite clear and the question is what kind of services IBM offers to


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Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co’s IPO in Hong Kong

Wanda Group’s IPO in Hong Kong does not make Wang Jianlin the richest man in China immediately


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Cross-strait News Daily Round-up for Dec. 17

Highlighted business news in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong for Dec. 17, 2014


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Alibaba Logs $9 billion in Sales on 'Singles Day' in China


China’s biggest retailer, and possibly the world’s largest retailer globally, Alibaba has announced that today they sold over $9 billion worth of merchanise


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Totspot App Puts Money Back in Mom’s Pocket

Totspot 980

A new online shopping platform for mothers, Totspot, allows mothers to easily buy and sell lightly used fashionable garments for their children.


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Good Buy: Tumblr to Bring Yahoo $100M Annual Revenue

Yahoo expects Tumblr to rake in $100M in 2015, reporting 40% growth in users and the introduction of new native mobile ad formats.


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Tesla Model S to Sell in China via Alibaba e-Com Store Tmall

Chinese buyers can pay the reservation fee via Tesla’s Tmall store and pick up their car in five days’ time. Will this be a new sales model for Tesla elsewhere?