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Intel to Buy Imagination Technologies or AMD’s RTG?

This week started with a milestone announcement of Japanese SoftBank moving in to acquire ARM Holdings for a record $32 billion. Many analysts lamented that the takeover was a result of Brexit, even though everyone in their right minds should know that negotiations of this magnitude take years and typically are made in complete silence for 6-18 months (due dilligence and all that jazz). However, this might not be the only acquisition in the modest pool of British semiconductor players. As we reported on multiple occasions, Intel is reorganizing, i.e. restructuring the company. As a part of that reorganization, the company performed no less than three rounds


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Why Altera’s Acquisition is a Timely Move by Intel

Earlier today Intel agreed to finalize a takeover of Altera. Here’s why it’s a timely move.


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Altera Scraps Takeover Talks With Intel

The deal potential takeover deal grinded to a halt because Altera leadership raised disagreements about a price.