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Woot's Founder Creates New Deal Site, Meh


So, anyone that has followed the evolution of (one of the original deal a day sites) knows that the company grew wildly after its founder Matt Rutledge really got some really great sales going. One of Woot’s most interesting things was that they were very strictly one item per day and that was it. They started to expand into things like t-shirts and other products, but it was mostly one item a day. They also had some of the wittiest product sales pitches in the universe and today, after they’ve been acquired by Amazon, they pretty much seem like Amazon’s dumping ground. If Amazon


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Adobe ships GPU-accelerated Creative Studio 4, Flash Player 10

After reading countless previews and hearing the marketing buzz about some GPU-accelerated aspects of Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and others, Adobe Systems announced immediate availability of whole CS4 package ( still thinks these versions will be available in November). CS4 is divided into six new versions, as well as stand-alone versions. Adobe divided the packages to suit different content creators, thus package is divided into following: CS4 Design Premium CS4 Design Standard CS4 Design Web Premium CS4 Design Web Standard CS4 Design Production Premium CS4 Design Master Collection As you can imagine, these packages somewhat nothing else but “Premiere-in, Premiere-out” and so on. Professionals will