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Glenn Greenwald Will Publish List of Americans Spied on by NSA

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As we come closer and closer to Edward Snowden’s interview tonight with none other than Brian Williams of NBC, Glenn Greenwald has said (while promoting his new book) that he will be publishing a list of Americans (likely high profile individuals) that are being spied upon by the NSA. This list of NSA targets that are American citizens (something the NSA cannot really do without specific permission) will likely open up exactly who the NSA is spying on in terms of people inside the US. We will discover what kinds of groups they’re targeting and where those people come from as well, and it will


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Happy Thanksgiving!

After a day break due to mechanical issues over at, the PALIT Folding@Home 2008 stats are updated with latest data. The challenge will continue to receive updates on daily basis on every day of the week, unless Kakao goes on strike again. Personally, I feel a bit annihilated after today’s 2-hour visit to the dental office. My sins of the past (on racetracks 😉 finally caught up with me, and fixing them is no walk in the park. It’s 10PM here and I am shutting down – thanksgiving dinner is over and done for me, it was awesome seeing some old friends (Americans that