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AMD Reveals Five-Year Roadmap For GPUs and CPUs

AMD Restructuring

AMD will launch its next-generation GPU in 2016, with the SkyBridge platform set to debut later this year.


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LG Once Again Rumored To Be Working On In-House SoC

Last year, LG (KRX: 066570) was rumored to be working on an in-house SoC called Odin, which was said to be featured in the LG G3, the quad-HD smartphone LG unveiled earlier this year. However, that did not materialize, with LG content to use Qualcomm’s offerings in its devices. Earlier this year, it was leaked that the SoC was entering mass manufacturing, and will be available in devices later this year. It looks like we’re getting close to the eventual launch of Odin, with the latest set of rumors indicating an October release for the first Odin-enabled device.It remains to be seen as to what has


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HP Moonshot Using ARM 64-bit SoC

Last week ARM invited a group of journalists and analysts to Austin Texas to hear about their server, mobile, and wearable developments. ARM and their partners presented in-depth explanations of their version of the ARM architecture. On the first day of the conference, HP’s Dwight Barron gave an overview of their Moonshot system.  They have been refining the specifications since its late 2009 inauguration. Moonshot’s design differs from the traditional servers which have been the general-purpose workhorses of the data center. These boxes have proved to be jacks-of-all-trades, able to run operations for organizations of every shape and size. They started with proprietary operating systems and a