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AT&T Might Owe You a Refund for Cramming

AT&T Logo Cramming

AT&T just paid a $105 million fine to the FTC to settle a cramming lawsuit where the company charged its customers bogus charges on their bills


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T-Mobile Has Been Ripping Customers Off by "Cramming" Bills

T-Mobile Logo

So, while we really love what T-Mobile has been doing with their uncarrier moves, giving consumers exactly what they want, they have also secretly been screwing customers out of money for no reason. Sure, you can stream music for free (even though this is questionably violating Net Neutrality), but T-Mobile has actually been “cramming” consumers for the past 4 years, from 2009 through 2013  according to an FTC complaint. The FTC claims state that T-Mobile has been billing customers with unauthorized charges and hiding them deep within customers’ bills where they wouldn’t see them. An example of this was posted to the FTC’s website using an actual


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USA Freedom Act Passes House, Snowden Vindicated

USA Freedom Act

So, remember when the US Government was painting Edward Snowden out as an evil guy and someone that was harming our country? Well, today’s vote of the United States House of Representatives appears to suggest otherwise. Sure, the USA Freedom Act that was passed by the House today was a gutted and signifcantly weaker version of the bill that the EFF had originally backed, but now at least we can agree that Snowden’s disclosures were without a doubt pivotal in passing this legislation. Sure, it still needs to go to the US Senate and be passed there and then passed by Obama himself, but judging