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Google Celebrates 16 Years With Lollipop Laden Cake

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Today Google celebrated their 16th birthday with a nice big cake laden with a fairly sizable amount of lollipop on the top. In fact, it seems a bit odd that someone would put that many lollipop candies on a birthday cake, well, that is unless you’re Google. Considering that Google’s next version of the Android operating system carries the “L release” name without an official name, there’s a very good chance that the latest version of Android, possible Android 5.0 will be named Lollip0p. Obviously this is a pretty unsubstantiated rumor, but Google loves to allude to things through their posts on social media. They


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Happy Birthday, Microsoft Windows

A good friend of mine just reminded me that this November should mark the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Windows. Since this sort of news is usually seen on timekeeping websites, I decided to take a look around and check to see if Windows did indeed turned 25, or Microsoft will have to wait until 2010 to mark the date. Well, the answer is two-fold. Microsoft Windows can be viewed as 25-year old this month, if you calculate the announcements, or in November 2010, when the company finally shipped the product. The company announced Windows 1.0 operating system in November of 1983 . At that time,