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Why is eBay Spinning Off PayPal Into a Separate Public Company?

In a surprise move, eBay has announced it will spin off PayPal into a distinct, publicly-traded company in order to better compete amid a fast-changing mobile payments landscape.


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Touchscreen Notebooks Soon to Disappear?

Touchscreens may soon bid farewell to standard notebook PCs. A recent report from Digitimes — which has often questionable accuracy — has just detailed what seems to be a recent decision by major notebook PC vendors to do away with touchscreens for notebook PCs in the near future. According to the information presented, demand for touchscreen notebooks overall wasn’t as high as expected, and thus affected companies are now planning to adjust accordingly. Following this assessment, the report also states that touchscreen notebook PC vendors will be ceasing production of touchscreen notebooks for the final quarter of the current year. One of the most cited reasons for the


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BlackBerry Narrows Quarterly Loss, Expects to Double Software Sales by FY2015

BlackBerry turnaround plans working? Company posts adjusted loss of 2 cents per share, better than 16 cent loss analysts have predicted.


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Adobe Closes Down China R&D Unit Along With Cloud Push

Adobe will shut down its R&D unit in China amid its new focus on its Creative Cloud platform. Sources also cite piracy as a reason for closing the unit.


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Assistant Robot Knows What Grandma Will Do

Assistant robots are very important tech assets in Japan today. In fact, its development industry is still growing to be the primary backbone of the country’s elderly healthcare system. Panasonic, in response to this evolving industry develops its own, one that tries to see what your grandma will do next. The Autonomous Stand and Walk Assistant Robot is, as suggested, an assistant robot that aids elderly people in going about their daily lives. It may not look as charming or advanced as Asimo, but what is unique about this robot is its automatic position assist system. Whenever the person it assists tries to do something,


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Toshiba Curtails Consumer PC Business

Toshiba (TYO: 6502) has announced the scaling down of its consumer PC business to give more focus on its general business-to-business operations. This decision is in response to the company’s need to secure and stabilize its overall business structure, and as a result around 900 employees from the PC business division will be laid off. In accordance to the change and restructuring of its business operations, the Japanese electronics giant will be shifting more towards corporate-targeted services, such as provision of enterprise hardware like workstations and business-use mobile devices, as well as technology-based client solutions. Part of the plan also includes of the corporation’s extension of


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Lenovo Now Ships More Smartphones Than PCs

Top PC maker Lenovo is now shipping more smartphones than PC units. Lenovo’s PC industry may be as booming as ever, but its smartphone industry is finally getting a few steps ahead. In its financial report for the second quarter of 2014 submitted just this week, it was shown that the number of smartphones that the company has shipped has now exceeded the number of PCs that it had distributed during the same quarter. For the previous five consecutive quarters before the first half of 2014, Lenovo has enjoyed the highest global market shares in the PC industry, eventually accounting for at least 19.6% of


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VAIO Now Officially Open for Business

Sony’s spun-off VAIO line is now ready to sell its first PCs. Previously sold off by Sony to Japan Industrial Partners earlier this February 2014, the VAIO brand has been recently resurrected as a new company. The new VAIO company officially declared its establishment last month, also resurrecting the VAIO Fit and VAIO Pro, two of the central product lineups of the brand before its dissolution. The new company had just finished the official inauguration of its business operations yesterday. The opening ceremonies included a brief announcement of the new company’s plan road map, and its long term objectives. In a campaign that the company dubs


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D-Link Introduces New Facebook Wi-Fi Router

Facebook Wi-Fi

You don’t hear every day that Facebook is collaborating with a networking hardware manufacturer like D-Link to provide a “Facebook Wi-Fi” service. Facebook Wi-Fi is a service that Facebook has been promoting for the past year as a way for businesses to connect with their customers and to encourage them to connect to their free Wi-Fi network in order to check-in and get offers from the business (and let the business and Facebook gather their info). Facebook Wi-Fi currently only works on three different hardware vendors, two of whom are actually the same company now. Meraki wireless products (now a subsidiary of Cisco) Cisco ISR G2


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UPDATE – RUMOR: Microsoft jacks up Windows 7 prices

What is the value of positive review by professional journalists? $80-150, according to Microsoft.