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San Diego Carriers Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile Tied in Performance

San Diego Carriers

The San Diego carriers duke it out again in Rootmetrics’ scoring for the second half of 2014 and the results are that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are a tie


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AT&T Nexus 6 Bloated with Non-Nexus 'Customizations'

AT&T Logo Cramming

The AT&T carrier version of the Google Nexus 6 and has been found to be SIM-locked and a tethering check built into the ROM.


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Why is AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note Edge $100 More than Sprint's?

Galaxy Note Edge

For some reason, AT&T’s Galaxy Note Edge is costing consumers $105.99 more than the Sprint version, yet Sprint’s version sells for $40 more on-contract.


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Sprint to Dump T-Mobile Bid and Replace CEO


Today is not a good day in Sprint land as according to a report the Wall Street Journal, the company’s board of directors has voted to abandon the acquisition of T-Mobile USA  amid insurmountable regulatory hurdles. Sprint originally made an offer to buy T-Mobile USA to the tune of $32 billion dollars with the parent company of Sprint, Softbank, leading the negotiations and discussions about where the combined company would move post-merger. The problem with this deal was that it was met with a lot of regulatory concern from virtually every single governmental agency involved, not to mention tons of public outcry. The Department of Justice (DOJ),


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650,000 Comment on FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

FCC Seal

Nearly 650,000 people have left comments on the FCC’s website regarding their proposed Net Neutrality rules, which were proposed roughly 2 months ago. The comments have been open since May 15th, and will be closed on July 15th, likely with over 650,000 comments on the topic, many of which are criticizing the FCC for not taking a strong enough stance to protect consumers. The FCC’s very own Chairman Tom Wheeler even tweeted about the milestone on Friday, reminding people to continue to leave their comments.   We’ve received about 647k #netneutrality comments so far. Keep your input coming — 1st round of comments wraps up July


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Will The Amazon Phone Be an AT&T Exclusive?

Amazon Phone

According to The Wallstreet Journal, the long awaited Amazon phone is likely going to be an AT&T exclusive device. When one looks at this fact, many people may ask why Amazon would even bother to do something like that when nowadays almost all phones launch on all the carriers at the same time. Perhaps AT&T has paid Amazon to do so for a short period of time, however it makes very little sense in terms of Amazon’s global strategy and standard practice of trying to get as many devices in as many hands as possible. Currently, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX sells with 4G LTE connectivity


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Sprint and T-Mobile Tentatively Agree to $32 Billion Deal

T-Mobile Logo

Once again, the T-Mobile and Sprint deal continues to move forward now that we have an actual purchase price. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the general terms of the deal between Sprint and T-Mobile have been worked out and that the two companies have agreed to a $32 billion sale of T-Mobile, which actually seems a bit low when you consider that T-Mobile’s current market cap is $27 billion and they are getting a mere 20% premium over their current price. This deal has gotten a lot of regulatory flak before it ever happened and will likely continue to as the two companies try


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T-Mobile Overtakes Sprint as No.3 Buyer of Smartphones in US

T-Mobile Logo

Since most people’s contracts are usually 2 years long, you don’t usually see any significant movements of subscribers from one carrier to another. They happen slowly and quarterly, after all, it would take at least 8 quarters for a company to theoretically lose all of their subscribers if every single person wanted to leave. So, it comes as little surprise that Sprint still holds the numbers 3 spot in terms of subscribers when compared to T-Mobile. Based on T-Mobile’s last earnings call, they ended the first quarter of this year up 2.4 million with nearly 50 million customers, coming ever closer to Sprint’s 54 million.