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NZXT Rolls Out Two New S340 Color Edition Cases

NZXT S340 Color Edition - 3

NZXT follows up its hit S340 chassis that it released last fall by announcing today that it is bringing out two new versions.


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Antec Announces The Budget-Minded GX300 Case

Antec GX300 - 1

Antec’s new case is the most entry level model in the GX family and the mid-tower case will be priced at about $59 in the US.


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BitFenix Prodigy M: High Quality In A Small Size

The BitFenix Prodigy M is a beautiful small form factor case that fits mATX and mini-ITX motherboards. The case may be small but it is very high quality.


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World of Warcraft Tribute Case Mod For The New Expansion

World of Warcraft Warlods of Draenor

With impending release of Blizzard’s new expansion for World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, what better way to celebrate than with a custom case mod?


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Will We Ever Have Something As Beautiful As The Voodoo Omen Again?

When I think back on what I view as the most gorgeous PC I always come to the last version of classic Voodoo Omen.


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Lian-Li Teases Upcoming Open Air Cases

Lian-Li published some new information on its prototype open air chassis on its blog. The PC-05(Mini-ITX,) PC-06 (Micro-ATX), and PC-07 (ATX) all follow the same design but are in different sizes. The design is primarily for aesthetics, showcasing the parts of the user’s computer. IN WIN has been the real major player in these higher end open air chassis for quite a while, so Lian-Li is looking to challenge them in this segment. The design of the PC-0x series may bring up memories of case mods that prominently display different components on a board. This is something that Lian Li has taken and made into a unique case, as there



Silverstone launches a revolutionary case, gaming mice

I just received word from Cheney Tseng of Silverstone fame about the launch of their new product line. Under the name Raven RV01, Silverstone launched a gaming mice and a case. Now, the mouse is a standard answer to heated competition on the market (more on that below), but case is… something completely different, as Monty Phyton would say. As we all know, heat flows upwards, while the cool air stays on the ground. In the world of computers, more and more components are heating up. This was not solved even with ATX motherboards placed upside down (BTX-style), so Silverstone decided to kick up a


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Fancy phones need protection

In a period of 24 hours, I managed to scratch my Blackberry Bold, while a friend of mine scratched is iPhone 3G. In the case of Bold, it was give-or-take my fault: Vodafone did not provide protective carrying case in the box, nor it was available for buying – thus, I had a relatively unprotected device filled with “shiny parts”. Given the fact that I was moving my things from Mountain House to Frisco, one can judge that it was my own fault. But in the case of iPhone… the scratched part was actually discovered when a good friend of mine removed the protective case