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Supreme Court Rules Police Must Get a Warrant to Search Cellphones

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In a win for the people of the United States and privacy advocates, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has ruled that the police cannot search people’s flip phones or smartphones without a valid warrant, which will likely make it difficult for certain law enforcement officers (LEOs) to snoop around people’s phones without a warrant. This includes a multitude of network tapping and cellular investigative technologies originally implemented by the NSA and CIA and now used be LEOs. Chief Justice Roberts handed down the ruling that questioned, These two cases raise a common question: whether the police may, without a warrant, search digital


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Fancy phones need protection

In a period of 24 hours, I managed to scratch my Blackberry Bold, while a friend of mine scratched is iPhone 3G. In the case of Bold, it was give-or-take my fault: Vodafone did not provide protective carrying case in the box, nor it was available for buying – thus, I had a relatively unprotected device filled with “shiny parts”. Given the fact that I was moving my things from Mountain House to Frisco, one can judge that it was my own fault. But in the case of iPhone… the scratched part was actually discovered when a good friend of mine removed the protective case


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My blog goes mobile!

In case you own a cellphone that is not equipped with a fully fledged internet browser or want to see a quick update of this blog done RSS-style, you might want to check my site using the following address: . When you click on this address, it will be forwarded through Mippin servers and the site will be shown to you in a mobile way. Well, at least it looks like it – light on pictures, and heavy on the content. Since I am known for writing longer stories, I beg your scroll key for patience and forgiveness. 🙂 Welcome to and thanks