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China starts with AI facial recognition in fighting terrorism

Just a few weeks before Chinese Lunar New Year festivities starts, Chinese authorities decided to take even more precaution measures. The Chinese will be making around 3 billion trips during these days and there is a new high-tech law enforcement tool that will help them feel secure. Facial recognition eyeglasses have already been tested and proven useful in Zhengzhou’s East Railway Station when they helped local police capture seven people connected to major criminal cases, and a further 26 traveling on false documents. The station, one of the busiest in China, has its own police force but it can be hard for an individual policeman to


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CES: HiScene demos communication-focused AR glasses

HiScene, a Chinese provider of AR products and services is demoing it’s recently-launched HiAR augmented reality glasses at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. The product, which is intended for fields including aerospace, power, automotive manufacturing and education, previously won an Innovation Award at CES Asia and the Red Dot Design Award 2017. Notably, the company says their product is the first mass-produced binocular AR smart glasses in China. According to HiScene, the glasses improve brightness and heat dissipation compared to earlier models, while also featuring a minimalist user interface that is particularly well-suited to augmented reality. Of further interest is that the glasses integrate


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Guangzhou Zoo Introducing Virtual Reality For New Year’s

The Guangzhou Zoo is the largest of its kind in South China, and is a prominent attraction for locals and tourists alike. There’s plenty to be seen at the Guangzhou Zoo, but among its most popular attractions are its pandas. Just like museums are taking advantage of emerging technologies, the Guangzhou Zoo is looking to embrace Virtual Reality in the coming days. Guangzhou Zoo has been open for 60 years now, but even at their age it’s never too late to introduce new technology. On January 1st, 2018, Guangzhou Zoo will be introducing Virtual Reality to its zoo. Specifically, this will manifest in the form of


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Uber’s Competitor Didi Chuxing Raises $4B more for AI

China’s Didi Chuxing, the country’s ride-hailing giant , said today that it has raised $4 billion in new capital to proceed with their international expansion. In that way, they are posing a direct challenge to its U.S. rival Uber in its efforts to branch out overseas. Just eight months ago, the company raised $5.5 billion, and in 2016 they raised raised $7.3 billion from big companies including Apple. This takes Didi’s total inbound investments to $19.7 billion, but the company only said that the money came from “Chinese and international institutions.” The company expects to continue that expansion and they promised that the part of the funding will be dedicated to the development


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Worlds Biggest VR Entertainment Park opened in China

China opened the doors to its first virtual reality theme park, which aims to ride a boom in demand for virtual entertainment that is set to propel tenfold growth in the country’s virtual reality market, to hit almost US$8.5 billion by 2020. This 134-hectare park in southwestern Guizhou province promises 35 virtual reality attractions, from shoot-’em-up games and virtual rollercoasters to tours with interstellar aliens of the region’s most scenic spots. The 330-acre (134-hectare) park in southwestern Guizhou province promises 35 virtual reality attractions, from shoot-‘em-up games and virtual rollercoasters to tours with interstellar aliens of the region’s most scenic spots. “After our attraction opens,


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Meet The HTC Vive Focus

HTCs latest announcement is a new headset, but it’s not the Vive 2 or anything. Not exactly. The new headset is called the HTC Vive Focus, and for the time being it seems to be aimed squarely at the Chinese, so how relevant it is for Western consumers is a valid question to ask. Even without Western availability, though, the Vive Focus is still worth talking about, for multiple reasons. First and foremost is that it’s a completely standalone headset, meaning that it functions separately from any smartphone or PC. Its internal hardware boasts, among other things, a high-res AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 835


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Why is Cryptocurrency under Scrutiny? Hawala Explained


After the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) imposed a temporary rule that initial coin offerings (ICO) are illegal and that startups must refund all ICO investments to contributors, The Central Bank of Russia also said that it “monitors” the cryptocurrency market and is continuing to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. There is a question though – what are central banks over the world exactly scared of? Russia’s central bank is against allowing cryptocurrencies or any related financial instruments within the Russian Federation. In that way, they reiterated statement from January 2014 which explicitly compared bitcoin to a “money surrogate”, rendering it illegal in the


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Cryptocurrencies and ICO Under Increasing Scrutiny While Stars Move In

Just a day after China raised the  ban for  ICOs all together,  Hong Kong – the country that is a special administrative region of China – has voiced concern at the growth of ICO fundraising. “Those involved in an ICO need to be aware that some ICO structures may be subject to Hong Kong securities laws,” said Julia Leung of Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) . She also clarified that the regulations don’t simply apply to Hong Kong-based companies holding ICOs, but any entity worldwide that sells tokens to individuals based in Hong Kong. Just for a reminder, this week China’s central bank,  issued a statement criticizing ICOs


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eSports Degree Launched in China, VR Degrees Approaching

Winter time. Heavy snow should have already been on all of the hills around. Rain was falling all night, tapping on improvised canopy above me. Everything is damp. Rain is drizzling from above and from below, the steam is rising up. Black bark of trees is in contrast to white mist. Every now and then some of the old branches gives in to the time and knocks on to the ground. Starting a new phase of its existence. Dawn is short and inevitable. The world is driven by desire and the same world is a small place. A new day, a new beginning and a new


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Earth vs. Social: Facebook is the Largest Nation in the World

Facebook often claims they are the largest social network in the world. Even though there are many non-humans on the list (pets), the undeniable fact is that Facebook has more people using its services than there are people living in China. If we would extrapolate the numbers of social media users and real world countries, we would get quite an interesting list. Thus, we decided to compile data from Wikipedia, showing the list of citizens in largest countries in the world, and an August 2015 report from We Are Social, a British-based analyst firm which focuses on tracking trends in the world of social media. The results


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Facebook Content Police Censors Image from a German Museum

The clash of cultures is inevitable once you move beyond your own borders. A lot of American companies had issues being present in China, for example – and that lead to bans of particular companies. Watching YouTube or being on Facebook (NYSE:FB) in China is impossible without a friendly VPN/Proxy server, because those companies refused to ‘play ball’ with the Chinese authorities. And yes, all the companies which were targeted would often criticize their policy and refused to abide to censorship. Yet, every once a while, a slight ‘what the he…’ happens when the censorship scissors of Facebook’s Political Correctness Police appears. This time, a


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AMD’s Real China Play is Strategic Investment

Earlier rumors pointed to an outright takeover of AMD by China’s BLX. While there is a China element to AMD’s future, it’s in something more subtle than an outright takeover.


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Indiegogo Drone Project Raises Half A Million Dollars

Drones are all the rage and have caught the attention of the crowd-funding public. Ghost is one of the more successful projects on Indiegogo.


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Nokia Returns with Nokia N1 Tablet by Foxconn

Nokia N1 Front

Nokia’s brand is getting a reboot with the announcement of the Nokia N1 Android tablet, which is the result of a partnership between Nokia and Foxconn.


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Chang San-cheng: Taiwan is Still Innovative, But Struggles Against ‘Unethical’ China

A misaligned post-secondary sector, industry lagging in innovation, and China’s unethical state capitalism all worry Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology.


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New Trade Deal Means Lower Prices on Electronics Next Year

APEC Trade Deal

A new trade deal signed at this year’s APEC summit has modified the ITA last signed in 1997 in order to improve the flow of technology and products globally


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Qualcomm Misses Analyst Expectations, Weakens Outlook

Qualcomm reported their earnings for fiscal Q4 2014 as well as FY 2014 in the third quarter this year, missing analysts estimates and guiding FY 2015 down.


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Kickstarter Suspends Anonabox Campaign for Lies


Anonabox was supposed to be an open sourced anonymizer that enabled people to quickly and easily browse the internet anonymously — except it was all a farce.








政府已經宣布另一件他們正在調查微軟的反競爭行為案件,對於微軟長期任職的執行官員來說,這似乎都太耳熟能詳了(Nasdaq:MSFT),這一次是遭殃的在中國。 中國國家工商行政管理總局和商務部負責人張茅(音譯)在公安人員的發布會上,公開聲明表示,關於捆綁瀏覽器和媒體播放器變成Windows的副本, 中國微軟正被調查中。 該聲明中說“微軟涉嫌不完整透露Windows和Office軟體的相關信息,以及在經銷和銷售其媒體播放器和瀏覽器的問題”。 距離微軟第一次因捆綁軟體而被政府嚴密監控已經為時已久了。微軟是美國反壟斷監管機構的焦點,在近世紀之交接時,“美國政府對微軟案“緣由於捆綁IE瀏覽器與Windows,檢察官稱微軟在瀏覽器大戰裡為”不公平的優勢“。類似的媒體播放器捆綁案件,在歐盟以及韓國都對微軟提出控告,導致該地區發展其特殊版本的作業系統,為那些前來SANS媒體播放器的地區正在制定. 在Firefox和Chrome的時代裡,以及過盛的行動裝置都毅然決然的不使用微軟的情況下,瀏覽器的壟斷思維早就老掉牙了。然而,桌面上微軟的IE瀏覽器在中國仍具有相當程度的影響力,具有27.8%市場的占有率和12.5%Internet Explorer6 使用率。 將外國人一腳踢出 在過去的一年中,中國政府已經採取了積極的行動,讓外國消費品和高科技公司在中國市場裡難以生存,同時給予當地企業一臂之力。 端看微軟在中國的情形下,中國毫無疑問地想減少對外國產品的依賴。據《衛報》報導,中國正在尋求透過發展出自己的一套作業系統來達到目的。 “創造一種讓我們能夠與谷歌,蘋果和微軟競爭的環境,那就是成功的關鍵,”中國工程院院士倪光南(音譯)如是說,他也是此項目的鼻祖,他告訴《衛報》 “你一定要改變過去的方式,才能與國營統一的作業系統運作,而不是複製以前的模式,整合積累過去的做法.” 但對於中國消費者來說,品質和相容性就是一切。當一個未經證實,可能帶有問題,而且相容性有限的國家級的作業系統呈現眼前,卻不如真金不怕火煉的Microsoft Windows那般可靠,毋庸置疑地猜得出他們會選擇哪一個了。