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eSports Degree Launched in China, VR Degrees Approaching

Fans are watching an eSports tournament live... in quite the substantial numbers, like the recently sold-out Madison Square Garden.

Winter time. Heavy snow should have already been on all of the hills around. Rain was falling all night, tapping on improvised canopy above me. Everything is damp. Rain is drizzling from above and from below, the steam is rising up. Black bark of trees is in contrast to white mist. Every now and then some of the old branches gives in to the time and knocks on to the ground. Starting a new phase of its existence. Dawn is short and inevitable. The world is driven by desire and the same world is a small place. A new day, a new beginning and a new


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Earth vs. Social: Facebook is the Largest Nation in the World

Facebook logo

Facebook often claims they are the largest social network in the world. Even though there are many non-humans on the list (pets), the undeniable fact is that Facebook has more people using its services than there are people living in China. If we would extrapolate the numbers of social media users and real world countries, we would get quite an interesting list. Thus, we decided to compile data from Wikipedia, showing the list of citizens in largest countries in the world, and an August 2015 report from We Are Social, a British-based analyst firm which focuses on tracking trends in the world of social media. The results


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Facebook Content Police Censors Image from a German Museum

Facebook just loves to censor others.

The clash of cultures is inevitable once you move beyond your own borders. A lot of American companies had issues being present in China, for example – and that lead to bans of particular companies. Watching YouTube or being on Facebook (NYSE:FB) in China is impossible without a friendly VPN/Proxy server, because those companies refused to ‘play ball’ with the Chinese authorities. And yes, all the companies which were targeted would often criticize their policy and refused to abide to censorship. Yet, every once a while, a slight ‘what the he…’ happens when the censorship scissors of Facebook’s Political Correctness Police appears. This time, a


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AMD’s Real China Play is Strategic Investment


Earlier rumors pointed to an outright takeover of AMD by China’s BLX. While there is a China element to AMD’s future, it’s in something more subtle than an outright takeover.


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Indiegogo Drone Project Raises Half A Million Dollars

ghost logo_980

Drones are all the rage and have caught the attention of the crowd-funding public. Ghost is one of the more successful projects on Indiegogo.


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Nokia Returns with Nokia N1 Tablet by Foxconn

Nokia N1 Front

Nokia’s brand is getting a reboot with the announcement of the Nokia N1 Android tablet, which is the result of a partnership between Nokia and Foxconn.


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Chang San-cheng: Taiwan is Still Innovative, But Struggles Against ‘Unethical’ China

Taipei's skyline at night. (Photo: Luke Ma/Flickr)

A misaligned post-secondary sector, industry lagging in innovation, and China’s unethical state capitalism all worry Taiwan’s Minister of Science and Technology.


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New Trade Deal Means Lower Prices on Electronics Next Year

APEC Trade Deal

A new trade deal signed at this year’s APEC summit has modified the ITA last signed in 1997 in order to improve the flow of technology and products globally


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Qualcomm Misses Analyst Expectations, Weakens Outlook

Ibuypower SBX

Qualcomm reported their earnings for fiscal Q4 2014 as well as FY 2014 in the third quarter this year, missing analysts estimates and guiding FY 2015 down.


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Kickstarter Suspends Anonabox Campaign for Lies


Anonabox was supposed to be an open sourced anonymizer that enabled people to quickly and easily browse the internet anonymously — except it was all a farce.










政府已經宣布另一件他們正在調查微軟的反競爭行為案件,對於微軟長期任職的執行官員來說,這似乎都太耳熟能詳了(Nasdaq:MSFT),這一次是遭殃的在中國。 中國國家工商行政管理總局和商務部負責人張茅(音譯)在公安人員的發布會上,公開聲明表示,關於捆綁瀏覽器和媒體播放器變成Windows的副本, 中國微軟正被調查中。 該聲明中說“微軟涉嫌不完整透露Windows和Office軟體的相關信息,以及在經銷和銷售其媒體播放器和瀏覽器的問題”。 距離微軟第一次因捆綁軟體而被政府嚴密監控已經為時已久了。微軟是美國反壟斷監管機構的焦點,在近世紀之交接時,“美國政府對微軟案“緣由於捆綁IE瀏覽器與Windows,檢察官稱微軟在瀏覽器大戰裡為”不公平的優勢“。類似的媒體播放器捆綁案件,在歐盟以及韓國都對微軟提出控告,導致該地區發展其特殊版本的作業系統,為那些前來SANS媒體播放器的地區正在制定. 在Firefox和Chrome的時代裡,以及過盛的行動裝置都毅然決然的不使用微軟的情況下,瀏覽器的壟斷思維早就老掉牙了。然而,桌面上微軟的IE瀏覽器在中國仍具有相當程度的影響力,具有27.8%市場的占有率和12.5%Internet Explorer6 使用率。 將外國人一腳踢出 在過去的一年中,中國政府已經採取了積極的行動,讓外國消費品和高科技公司在中國市場裡難以生存,同時給予當地企業一臂之力。 端看微軟在中國的情形下,中國毫無疑問地想減少對外國產品的依賴。據《衛報》報導,中國正在尋求透過發展出自己的一套作業系統來達到目的。 “創造一種讓我們能夠與谷歌,蘋果和微軟競爭的環境,那就是成功的關鍵,”中國工程院院士倪光南(音譯)如是說,他也是此項目的鼻祖,他告訴《衛報》 “你一定要改變過去的方式,才能與國營統一的作業系統運作,而不是複製以前的模式,整合積累過去的做法.” 但對於中國消費者來說,品質和相容性就是一切。當一個未經證實,可能帶有問題,而且相容性有限的國家級的作業系統呈現眼前,卻不如真金不怕火煉的Microsoft Windows那般可靠,毋庸置疑地猜得出他們會選擇哪一個了。  


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China Now Developing a Supersonic Submarine


The Chinese are now building a vehicle that will break the sound barrier, underwater. Local reports from China has recently revealed the country’s plans to develop a new type of submarine, one that is capable of traversing beneath the oceans many times the speed of current conventional deep-sea vessels. The technology for the submarine is currently under development by a team of researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology’s Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab. It uses a principle that is well known as supercavitation, or the creation of air cavities underwater to considerably reduce water drag on a submerged vehicle. Whereas a fictional starship in Star


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China May be Close to Its ‘United States v. Microsoft’ Moment


In a move that may seem all too familiar to long-serving Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) executives, another government has announced that it is investigating Microsoft for anti-competitive practices — this time in China. In a briefing and public statement released by authorities, Zhang Mao, chief of China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said that Microsoft was being investigating for bundling both its browser and media player into copies of Windows. “Microsoft is suspected of incomplete disclosure of information related to Windows and Office software, as well as problems in distribution and sales of its media player and browser,” the statement read. This is far from


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Shenzhen's Power Moves: China’s Rising Technology Hub Grabs SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Exhibition

The opening ceremony of SIGGRAPH Asia 2013

China’s Shenzhen is a city on the rise, an example of China’s industrial transition. What was once a small industrial outpost in the 1990s is now a major technological hub that may soon rival Taiwan in importance to the global technology supply chain. According to a release from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), this year’s SIGGRAPH Asia conference will be hosted in Shenzhen in December. SIGGRAPH, short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques, is a big tent computer graphics conference attracting everyone from animators to GPU engineers. This year’s North America SIGGRAPH conference is held in Vancouver, home to a number


深圳的權力移轉:中國日益茁壯的科技中心將主辦SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014展覽


中國深圳市逐漸崛起,正反映出這個國家的產業轉型之路。在1990年代僅是小型產業邊陲的深圳,現已發展為規模龐大的科技中心,而且就全球科技供應鍊的重要性而言,可能很快就會成為台灣的競爭對手。 計算機協會(Association for Computing Machinery,ACM)公佈的消息顯示,今年的SIGGRAPH Asia會議將於12月在深圳舉辦。全名為繪圖及互動技術特殊興趣團體(Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques)的SIGGRAPH,是包羅萬象的電腦繪圖會議,吸引包括動畫師和GPU工程師等所有業界人士與會。今年的北美SIGGRAPH會議則於溫哥華舉行。許多特效工作室都座落於溫哥華,其中Sony Pictures Imageworks也將於明年在此設立總部。 堅守國家資本主義的中國正戮力發展國內科技產業。廣東省政府提供科技公司豐碩的投資獎勵,並與高等教育機構合作,盡力在當地創造友善的環境,以吸引企業在此設置商店。ACM發表的新聞稿宣佈SIGGRAPH Asia即將在深圳登場,並強調多虧擁有政府政策支持,中國的動畫業產值有望從2010年的208億人民幣,在2015年年底成長至500億人民幣。此外,當地遊戲產業的年增率也成長了大約30%。 雖然因為中國致力發展國內產業,而讓許多美國科技公司認為中國市場變得充滿敵意,今年在深圳舉辦英特爾科技論壇(IDF)的Intel,卻獲准擴展公司在中國的營運規模,特別是在深圳設立新的研究中心,並斥資設立價值1億美元的創新資金,供設置於深圳的原廠設備製造商運用。位在中國的科技大廠有望透過SIGGRAPH Asia進行測試,了解在電腦繪圖和GPU界訂定類似協議的可能性。 SIGGRAPH Asia將於12月3日至12月6日在深圳登場。


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Apple Delisted From China Government’s Approved Vendor’s List

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

The Chinese market continues to sour for US technology companies as China’s government has removed another from its approved list procurement vendors for government purchases. According to a report from Bloomberg, 10 Apple products — including the iPad Air, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — have been dropped from July’s procurement list of approved products. If Bloomberg’s report proves to be correct, Apple would have joined the ranks of Symantec and Microsoft which have both been barred from government procurement over tension from cyber espionage allegations and fears of possible backdoors for US electronic eavesdropping. While Apple will not be barred entirely from


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Shifting to Emerging Markets, AMD Launches Two CPUs in China

AMD Restructuring

AMD has launched two processors in China this week: the FX-8300 CPU and the Athlon X4 860K. The FX-8300 will be sold exclusively to OEMs in China, while the Athlon CPU will be available worldwide later this month. The FX-8300 is based on the older Piledriver architecture, and slots in between the FX-8320 and FX-8350 despite its naming convention. The main focus with the FX-8300 is to enable multi-threaded performance at a lower price point. The TDP is still 95W, but the higher clocks at 3.2 GHz base/3.5 GHz turbo make the CPU an enticing option for OEMs, considering that it is priced between the


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China Government Targets Symantec, Kaspersky

China's President, Xi Jinping.

Anti Virus firms Symantec and Kaspersky have been removed from China’s official list of anti-virus vendors approved to sell to the government and state-owned corporations, continuing a trend of creating a hostile market for foreign technology companies. The removal of these two companies from the list leaves only five, which, uncoincidentally, all all Chinese firms: Qihoo 360 Technology, Venustech, CAJinchen, Beijing Jiangmin, and Rising remain on the list. Last year, the list, which comes via a procurement bureau for government agencies had many recognizable foreign brands including ESET, Panda Security and Trend Micro. But while Symantec and Kaspersky are no longer allowed to sell to


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RoboBee Could Save Mankind from Starvation


Harvard University researchers are busy improving RoboBee, a substitute robotic method of pollination, because honey bees aren’t doing the job they used to. Bees that have always pollinated plants are disappearing. Without pollination, crops will also disappear leaving our dinner plates empty. Many food producing plants depend on bees flitting from blossom to blossom collecting and depositing pollen which causes the plant to fruit. Without this transfer, there would be fewer crops to harvest. One third of what we eat, including apples, pumpkins, carrots, sunflowers, blueberries, avocados, and almonds need bees to survive. Pesticides, disease and parasites have all been blamed for the bee’s demise,