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Upskill Hopes to Bring AR to Mainstream

Upskill wants to be the development platform for our smart glasses, regardless of the brand. This agnostic approach is fairly unusual for companies building augmented reality applications and it provides enterprises with a neutral way to build these applications to work across different smart glasses systems. GE, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Boeing are all Upskill customers that use the Skylight platform in conjunction with Google Glass. The AR market is booming, with Google Glass reborn and ABI Research expecting AR in enterprise applications to hit an inflection point in 2018, with a 227% CAGR. Also, a week ago, ABI Research announced that Augmented Reality (AR) logistics will account for


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Coca-Cola, McDonald’s launch VR Headsets

In just a few days difference, giants of fast food and soft drinks announced their entrance into the world of Virtual Reality with their products. Regardless of what you think about nutritive values of Coca-Cola soft drinks and McDonald’s Happy Meals, they just launched initiatives that have the potential to become world’s best selling VR ‘manufacturers’. When Google released its Cardboard VR, the company also released schematics and invited as much companies as possible to adopt the Cardboard VR design in their packaging. Less than a year later, these drawings are becoming real world products, thanks to Coca-Cola and McDonalds. Coca-Cola came out with a concept of


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Surge is Back, and Back in Stock


Just last week Coca Cola (NYSE: KO) announced that it would be bringing back the popular 90’s soda, Surge. This soda pre-dated many of the energy drinks of the early 2000’s and was effectively the defacto “gamer” drink of those that played videogames during the 90’s. Many a child spent their LAN parties and gaming time with friends slurping this outrageously sugary soda and it brings back a lot of nostalgia to many. And thanks to Coca Cola’s Facebook campaign, people were able to bring it back for what appeared to be a short period of time. Because Coca Cola knows their audience, it is currently only making Surge