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Back to School – College Students – Get a Gift Card from Apple

Think College

Want to start college with a new iPad, iPhone or Mac? Apple is trying to entice you with a $50 or $100 gift card. Free shipping sweetens the offer, as does special no-interest payment plans. The iPad comes equipped with web browsing and apps that allow you to read books, write anything including book reports and create presentations to impress your professors. If you don’t know what you can do with an iPhone by now … shame on you. Considering a student’s needs, however, you can retrieve those elusive reference materials as quick as you can say Jack Jumped Over the Candlestick. Late night cramming


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Security Expert Discovers Plot by Criminals to Frame Him

Brian Krebs Security

In what sounds like an absolute story out of a novel, security researcher, Brian Krebs, has reported that the Ukrainian criminal that plotted to frame him on drug charges has been nabbed in Italy. This entire story goes back to when a cybercriminal known by the name of Fly, Flycracker and Muxacc started to harass Brian Krebs via Twitter. These threats came in the forms of profane and taunting tweets as well as posting pictures of actions figures holding up his severed head and photos of his credit report. The man known as Fly was a member of multiple Russian/Ukrainian credit card and crime forums and moderated