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Google Announces Improved Gmail Security Warnings

The security of personal information & data is all the hype lately. This was a highly debated subject after the Apple iPhone access requested by the FBI following a recent terrorist attack that was declined by the company completely. Now, Google announced improved Gmail security warnings. One of the most prominent issues is the warning that is issued to accounts when is believed they’ve been targeted by state-sponsored attackers. This comes as a controversial measure. One, that we’re sure will raise a lot of attention in the world of security and data theft. It will also prove crucial to see how will Google react to potential data access to those


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The Best ‘Nigerian Prince Scam’ In The Galaxy. Literally.

We’ve all seen the ‘Nigerian Prince’ e-mails at least once in our lifetime. After several dozen of uneventful and plainly, boring e-mails, there’s a rather hilarious version of the scam circling around the internet for the past few days. In this instance, the famed Nigerian Prince is actually a Nigerian Astronaut, lost in space. The full e-mail was released earlier by ILF Science giving a full detailed review of the said events. The story is rather compelling, the technical data in the e-mail is mostly accurate and true. This makes this a rather hilarious read, albeit some people will definitely think its true due to