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Volvo Cars unveils global electrification strategy

Volvo Cars' vision of an electric future

After much controversy among car makers in the last few months, we are seeing several car makers turning to their electric futures. One of them is among the most respected and appreciated car makers out there. We are talking about Volvo Cars and their newly released electrification strategy. Volvo Cars just announced one of the automotive industry’s most comprehensive electrification strategies in which plug-in hybrids will be introduced across its entire range. It will develop an entirely new range of electrified smaller cars and build a fully electric car for sale by 2019. As part of this new strategy, the Swedish car company said it


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Tesla Pases 1 Billion Miles, What it Means for You?


Great news for eco-friendly motorists; Tesla recently announced that Model S owners have driven over one billion miles in their electric luxury sedans. This means that Tesla Model S owners took trips worth more than 1.609 billion kilometers, marking one heck of an accomplishment for the greem car company. This, put in perspective means that this amount of ground covered equals 4,186 trips to the Moon or 570,000 tons of Co2 emissions that usual, petrol or diesel powered vehicles would generate. While the number of Tesla Model S units on the roads today is within a fraction of what the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars present currently, it


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Hyundai's 2015 ix35 (Tuscon) Fuel Cell Goes 435 Miles

Hyundai ix35 fuel cell

Hyundai’s much awaited fuel cell car, the internationally known 2015 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell or the North American Tuscon Fuel Cell. This car is Hyundai’s latest FCEV vehicle that is actually coming to market and will be available around the world fairly shortly as it is a 2015 model year vehicle, meaning we’ll see it on the road later this year. What’s such a big deal about Hyundai’s FCEV is that it is a fuel cell powered electric vehicle that can do hundreds of miles on a single ‘tank’. Instead of being powered by batteries and large battery packs, the ix35 Fuel Cell is basically powered


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Tesla Frees Patents, Challenges Competitors to Join

Tesla Motors

Tesla is probably one of the most unique companies in the world, time and time again they’ve proven to us that they simply aren’t what we think they are. First, everyone believed that they were a car company, but they proved that they were a technology company first and a car company second. And now, they’ve once again changed what we believe to be a technology company by freeing their patents and making them available to anyone that wishes to use them, in good will. In a blog post titled, All Our Patents Are Belong To You (a play on the geeky “All Your Bases