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CES: HiScene demos communication-focused AR glasses

HiScene, a Chinese provider of AR products and services is demoing it’s recently-launched HiAR augmented reality glasses at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. The product, which is intended for fields including aerospace, power, automotive manufacturing and education, previously won an Innovation Award at CES Asia and the Red Dot Design Award 2017. Notably, the company says their product is the first mass-produced binocular AR smart glasses in China. According to HiScene, the glasses improve brightness and heat dissipation compared to earlier models, while also featuring a minimalist user interface that is particularly well-suited to augmented reality. Of further interest is that the glasses integrate


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MWC 2015: Airvana OneCell Enables Stronger Indoor LTE

Lauded as one of the most innovative breakthrough technologies at MWC 2015, Airvana’s cloud RAN OneCell technology is a plug-and-play supercell for improving indoor LTE coverage.


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Infosys Banks on AI with Acquisition of Enterprise Automation Startup Panaya

Business consulting firm Infosys is keen on incorporating more automation and possibly AI into its services with acquisition of US startup Panaya.


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Q&A with Oktopost on the Value of B2B Social Media: 'Screw Likes, Get Leads'

In a Q&A, Oktopost CEO Daniel Kushner reveals how lead-generation and accountability are more important than simple connections in B2B social media.


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Can 'Facebook at Work' Play Well With Enterprise HR?

Facebook is set to target the workplace with an enterprise-oriented collaboration and professional network. Should LinkedIn and Yammer be worried?


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Microsoft Reports Solid Q1 FY2015 Revenue With Strong Cloud, Hardware Results

Microsoft has reported a solid Q1 FY2015 revenue, largely driven by cloud services, hardware and console gaming, maintaining a positive outlook throughout the fiscal year.


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BlackBerry Narrows Quarterly Loss, Expects to Double Software Sales by FY2015

BlackBerry turnaround plans working? Company posts adjusted loss of 2 cents per share, better than 16 cent loss analysts have predicted.


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No, Kevin Mitnick is not Selling Zero Day Exploits to Hackers

Zero Day Kevin Mitnick

There’s a very good chance that today’s Wired piece about Kevin Mitnick’s newest venture has a lot to do with the discovery of the Bash Bug within various Linux and Unix operating systems. This is a bug that could be considered a Zero Day exploit because of the fact that it is a security vulnerability within an application that is possible to exploit due to the fact that the software vendor has no knowledge of it yet or it has not been patched yet. Either way, it is a vulnerability that someone can take advantage of. Now, Wired ran a piece about Kevin Mitnick and his


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Intel Officially Unveils Haswell-Powered Xeon at IDF 2014

A day before Intel’s Developer Forum kicked off in San Francisco, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) officially unveiled the Xeon E5-2600 v3 known previously by its code name of Grantley. On stage, Intel’s Diane Bryant, the company’s general manager of its Data Center Group, said that the “big data” economy was driving demand for a new series of Xeon Chips. “The digital services economy imposes new requirements on the data center, requirements for automated, dynamic and scalable service delivery,” Bryant said on stage. “Our new Intel processors deliver unmatched performance, energy efficiency and security, as well as provide visibility into the hardware resources required to enable software defined infrastructure. “We


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Review: Western Digital Enterprise WD RE 4 TB Drive

Today I’m taking another look at Western Digital’s WD RE 4 TB WD4000FYYZ enterprise drives. I reviewed a single WD4000FYYZ in our Western Digital 4 TB roundup, and Western Digital was kind enough to provide us with some more drives to put through their paces. The WD RE 4 TB FYYZ was the highest performing drive in our earlier roundup, and as an enterprise drive, it’s rated for double the load/unload cycles of the consumer drives. As such, these drives are optimized for RAID arrays. The specifications of the drive are below: Interface – SATA 6.0Gb/s Capacity – 4TB RPM – 7200 RPM Cache – 64MB Load/Unload Cycles


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IBM and Apple's Enterprise Partnership a Win for All

Apple IBM

Yesterday, Apple and IBM announced that they would be entering into a partnership where IBM would help Apple develop enterprise software for iOS devices and Apple would supply OS and hardware to enable those enterprise applications. This announcement marked the first partnership or relationship between the two companies since Apple stopped using IBM’s Power PC CPUs in their systems in 2006 with the last product announced in 2005. It’s been a long time since the two companies have worked together on anything and now that IBM is mostly a software company (They still have the Power Architecture and Power Chips for HPC) it makes sense


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Intel Reports First Quarter 2014 Earnings, Signs of Stability

Intel Logo

Intel’s first quarter earnings for 2014 were for the most part fairly tepid. Sure, they were able to post an earnings of $0.38 per share on $12.8 billion in revenue, however this only beat analyst’s fairly conservative expectations of $0.37 per share by $0.01. On $12.8 billion in revenue, Intel showed operating income of $2.5 billion and net income of $1.9 billion. Intel’s net income for Q1 2014 was down 5% over the same period a year ago, nothing to cheer about but still much better than previous declines. They also saw an increase in revenue of about $200 million, even though there was a


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Seagate Launches 6TB Enterprise Drive, Following Western Digital's Last Year

Seagate is finally catching up to their competition with the announcement of their 6TB drive that finally brings the company into the realm of drives over 5TB. Their competition, WDC launched the HGST 6TB enterprise drive with Helium all the way back in November. While I’m not sure what took Seagate so long, it may not bode well for the company that they’re so far behind in terms of capacity. There are a lot of reasons that we could suspect why it took Seagate so long, but nevertheless they are here. Yes, this drive is a 3.5″ drive, which comes as no surprise to anyone


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Microsoft Board Names Satya Nadella CEO, Gates Steps Down as Chairman

Microsoft’s CEO search has finally ended with the appointment of Satya Nadella to CEO by Microsoft’s Board of Directors. They have finally selected someone to replace Steve Ballmer after the sudden and unexpected announcement of his departure. Microsoft’s CEO search started with people like Ford’s current CEO Allan Mulally and Qualcomm’s soon-to-be CEO Steve Mollenkopf, who actually got the position earlier than anyone had expected because of Microsoft’s offer to make him CEO. Qualcomm obviously couldn’t let that happen so instead they promoted Mollenkopf from COO to CEO earlier than anyone would have expected. There are some very interesting parallels between the two companies but


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Rumored server Nehalem EP prices hit the ‘Net

According to Turkish site Donanim Haber, Intel Xeon-EP or Nehalem-EP is coming in the final month of Q1’09, March. Prices are set at $285 for the 2.66 GHz model, $555 for the 2.93 GHz part and $990 for the 3.2 GHz beast. All of the prices here are for single- and dual-socket motherboards, while the real cash cow, 4S version is coming later this year. Afore mentioned three models are almost identical to already existing Core i7 920, 940 and 965, but for the QPI inteface, which is allegidly set at 5.4 GT/s on all parts. G Also, very interesting part is the similarity in