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Google’s Antitrust Suit in Europe is a Cash Grab by the EU

This may be a sign that Google is getting too big and successful for the likes of governments.


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Pirate Party to Contribute Writing Copyright Laws in Europe

Regardless of what you might think about the origins on The Pirate Party, there’s no denial that the movement resulted in a substantial number of votes across Europe. While it’s almost a given that the Pirate Party would have no success in U.S. (we doubt the well-lobbied legal system would refuse the registration of such political option) and many other ‘advanced’ parts of the globe – in Europe the situation is different. The Pirate Party managed to enter European Parliament and several parliaments across Europe, and immediately begun with its campaigns to modify copyright laws. In a recent post on TorrentFreak, Rick Falkvinge, the founder


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Rosetta to Comet 67P: 'Here We Come!'

Landing on Comet

Philae is the name given to the Rosetta mission lander of the European Space Agency (ESA). It’s preparing to land on a comet 405 million kilometers from Earth. The tongue-twisting name of that comet is 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Five potential landing sites had been suggested. The press was notified of the final choice in a briefing today in Paris. Site “J,” judged to be the least risky landing location, is on the smaller, 4 km wide lobe, of Comet 67P. This space voyager will have a visitor on November 11 if all goes as planned. The alternative site “C” would place the lander on the larger section


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Qualcomm May Face an EU Antitrust Investigation

Cat9 LTE Qualcomm

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) may be facing an antitrust investigation from authorities in the European Union over allegations that it has abused its dominant market position, according to a report from Reuters. The complaint against Qualcomm in the EU comes as Qualcomm finds itself mired in an investigation from Chinese authorities over patent disputes and so-called abuse of its dominant position. Chinese authorities, likely under orders from Beijing to make the environment hostile to American Qualcomm, are investigating whether Qualcomm holds monopoly power over key mobile technologies by refusing to license them to its Chinese competitors. Qualcomm, for its part, has said that some Chinese firms


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Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch Are Trying to Scrub The Web

Goldman Sachs Merrill Lynch

Within the past few days there have been multiple stories of banks trying to scrub the web of their mistakes. One story involves a Goldman Sachs contractor accidentally sending an email to a random Gmail user instead of sending it internally to a Goldman employee ( vs In the story, Goldman Sachs demands that Google delete or ‘unsend’ the email from the Goldman contractor to the Gmail user. Unfortunately for Goldman, Google really has no reason to comply with Goldman’s request even if it was entirely erroneous. Goldman went as far as to sue Google in court demanding that they ‘unsend’ their email from


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Intel Loses Appeal on $1.4 Billion EU Anti-Trust Judgement

Intel Logo

Intel has lost a challenge in court today against the European Commission’s original judgement against them that found them guilty of breaching anti-trust laws and fined them $1.4 billion. This finding was originally handed down in 2009 after a long investigation and ruling process, even though the behavior happened well before 2009. In fact, Intel’s challenging of this ruling has pushed back the $1.4 billion fine nearly 5 years, which may have been part of Intel’s original strategy. They can, however, further delay the process by taking the European Commission’s ruling and the denial of a challenge to the Court of Justice of the European


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European Union Seeks to End Mobile Patent Wars

European Union

The European Commission, a part of the European Union, has been handing out warnings to various smartphone manufacturers letting them know that their frivolous lawsuits and patent attacks are not going to be welcome by the European Commission. In two separate statements, the European Commission has reprimanded Motorola Mobility and worked with Samsung (after reprimanding them) in regards to anti-trust behavior pertaining to injunctions on their competitors they have sought based on essential patents. Interestingly enough, both of these cases pertain to 3G and GSM patents that Motorola and Samsung had brought against Apple and requested that there be injunctions against Apple’s products being imported into those