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Pirate Party to Contribute Writing Copyright Laws in Europe

Regardless of what you might think about the origins on The Pirate Party, there’s no denial that the movement resulted in a substantial number of votes across Europe. While it’s almost a given that the Pirate Party would have no success in U.S. (we doubt the well-lobbied legal system would refuse the registration of such political option) and many other ‘advanced’ parts of the globe – in Europe the situation is different. The Pirate Party managed to enter European Parliament and several parliaments across Europe, and immediately begun with its campaigns to modify copyright laws. In a recent post on TorrentFreak, Rick Falkvinge, the founder


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European Union Seeks to End Mobile Patent Wars

European Union

The European Commission, a part of the European Union, has been handing out warnings to various smartphone manufacturers letting them know that their frivolous lawsuits and patent attacks are not going to be welcome by the European Commission. In two separate statements, the European Commission has reprimanded Motorola Mobility and worked with Samsung (after reprimanding them) in regards to anti-trust behavior pertaining to injunctions on their competitors they have sought based on essential patents. Interestingly enough, both of these cases pertain to 3G and GSM patents that Motorola and Samsung had brought against Apple and requested that there be injunctions against Apple’s products being imported into those


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Updated: Ostendo fails to deliver in more than one way

As many of our readers may know, Ostendo is the company who originally showed their curved display under the Alienware brand back at CES in 2008. This product is known as the CRVD was said to be a very early prototype and was not close to the finished product. It did, however, have so much innovation and create a completely new experience that the media started raving about the product. CRVD even ended up as a runner up for Best of CES 2008 award. During that time, we spoke with Alienware’s CEO and Kevin Kettler, Dell’s CTO and both executives were quite enthused about the