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Twitter Now Supports GIFs, Facebook Still Struggling to Do So

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While this may not be a big deal to some, avid and constant users of Twitter can rejoice today because the platform finally supports GIFs. Google’s own Google+ social network was actually the first of the big three to support GIFs and Facebook’s own Facebook chat that is built into the Facebook desktop client also supports GIFs. However, Facebook has not brought GIF support to any other platform or any other part of Facebook, including the most important part, the Timeline. You can test it out yourself by simply posting a tweet with a GIF that you’ve uploaded and anyone that wishes to see it


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D-Link Introduces New Facebook Wi-Fi Router

Facebook Wi-Fi

You don’t hear every day that Facebook is collaborating with a networking hardware manufacturer like D-Link to provide a “Facebook Wi-Fi” service. Facebook Wi-Fi is a service that Facebook has been promoting for the past year as a way for businesses to connect with their customers and to encourage them to connect to their free Wi-Fi network in order to check-in and get offers from the business (and let the business and Facebook gather their info). Facebook Wi-Fi currently only works on three different hardware vendors, two of whom are actually the same company now. Meraki wireless products (now a subsidiary of Cisco) Cisco ISR G2


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Facebook Currently Experiencing Outages

Facebook Wi-Fi

We’re getting reports (and have confirmed ourselves) that Facebook is currently experiencing sporadic outages. Most of the outages appear to be occurring on their web-based platform for both users’ timelines as well as their chat. Users can get around these outages by simply using the mobile version of Facebook, which in our testing appears to be unaffected. So, if you’re having problems with Facebook or even getting onto Facebook, simply switch to the mobile version for the rest of the day. The above message is the message that we got when Facebook was down, however we did not experience any issues in the mobile version,


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Why Isn't Apple Opposed to New Net Neutrality Proposal?

Apple Net Neutrality

Most people don’t quite understand what Net Neutrality is all about or how important it is to the future of the United States as a knowledge economy, especially one driven by software companies that rely on fair internet behavior to survive. Without Net Neutrality, we could never have a Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Instagram or plenty of other cloud-based internet businesses. However, it appears that Apple has chosen not to take a side in the Net Neutrality debate, by not signing a letter signed by virtually every other major tech company in opposition to the new Net Neutrality proposed law. Perhaps it has to do


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Betting on Dating and Love, the Tech Way

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Up pops someone’s face on your smart phone. Will you accept or reject that person in your hunt for a soul mate or a hookup? Zoosk and Tinder apps offer similar means of seeking a relationship. Tinder,  available for free on iPhone and Android was voted the Best New Startup of 2013 by TechCrunch. It grabs images from Facebook from a user designated geographic area and matches those people with your idea of the perfect mate. Zoosk hopes to win awards soon in the IPO arena. It is said “A picture is worth a thousand words” which is lucky for Tinder advocates because they only


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Net Neutrality on The Line with New FCC Rules

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It seems as if we’ve been talking about this way too long, and in fact, we have been. So long, that even then Senator Obama had pledged Net Neutrality laws if he was elected President. Alas, President Obama has more than failed to deliver on his promise of Net Neutrality, he has allowed the ISPs and the FCC to run amok in ways that seriously jeopardize the US’ position of the leader of the internet. The NSA revelations regarding their spying on global network traffic hasn’t helped much in the US’ position either, but ultimately these new proposed FCC rules would make it difficult for


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The wait is over! BSN* is now live..

Ever since I left TG Daily, a lot of industry connections asked me what were my plans for the future. After a brief stint over at Jon Peddie’s Research and the recession that well, didn’t exactly work in my favor – I decided to launch a website on my own. But, the goal of the project was not just a website… if I experienced something, that is the need of this industry for open communication, from manufacturers to consumers and back. This industry made its naming conventions so confusing that even the best of us get confused… enter Bright Side of News. With this project,



Facebook retracts its new TOS agreement

Logging into Facebook today, I was greeted with an interesting statement, as witnessed below: As you can see, Facebook decided to return their old TOS into use, and even though with that Terms of Service Agreement is still pretty loose when it comes to your rights, some improvements happened. Good thing is that Facebook also pushed Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. Interesting to see what a little bit of negative press can turn into (avalanche of discontent).



Nvidia’s 3D Glasses to cost $199? That’s hellishly expensive!

Nvidia 3D glasses to cost $199… incredibly expensive.


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Croatian facebookers Protest: 4000 people in Zagreb, police/political disruption in smaller cities

Short re-cap of Croatian Facebook protests and a gallery of pictures that lead to protests happening in major Croatian cities… where those meetings were allowed – City of Dubrovnik refused to allow the protest, while a small Croatian city had police force threatening to attack the protesters. Still, the goal was reached.


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I love new Gmail themes!

Earlier this week, Google released several enhancements to its Gmail and Gtalk services. The company rolled out several “Google Labs” features, such as video functionality to their IM client, or the latest – themes for Gmail/Googlemail service. This brought life into old Gmail interface, and I have to say, I am still undecided on what team is the best. I went with Planets, even though Summer Ocean has its good sides. Unlike Facebook’s revamp (that yielded a lot of controversy), you can simply choose to ignore the themes, or try to find something for yourself.