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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 First Look

It has been a long overdue, the time has come to write an article on physical activity i.e. sports. Over the past couple of decades, we’re witnessing a big problem everywhere in a world – people just do not exercise and make dubious choices of removing the balanced diet. From Hawaii to the continental U.S., Germany or Croatia, Singapore or China – high percentage of people on this planet do not exercise at all (I know I don’t do it regularly). If you plan on challenging the status quo with your own body, we have a cool gadget named Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Design The default


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Say Hello to The Microsoft Band, a Fitness Band for All

Microsoft Band

Microsoft was rumored to be releasing a fitness band called the Microsoft Band early on Wednesday, Microsoft shortly thereafter launched it to the public.


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Lenovo Launches Fitbit Lookalike

The design of Lenovo’s smartband is uninspired, and looks too similar to the competition.


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LVMH Brand TAG Heuer to Launch Smartwatch in 2015

TAG Heuer Smartwatch

From the legendary movie ‘Grand Prix’ in 1966 to controversial Breaking Bad TV series, TAG Heuer watches are presented as objects of desire. Today’s ad campaigns feature select number of actors, race drivers, F1 teams, pilots and the like, all touting the precision brought by TAG Heuer. Yet, the most precise watch you can buy is one of digital, not the analogue kind. Secondly, there is not one, but two generations of people that are growing up using a mobile phone to check for time, reducing the need for watches in its entirety. Not even a week after Apple’s event, Reuters passed the comments made


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Fitbit Gets Fashionable with Tory Burch for Fitbit

Tory Burch Fit Bit

Anyone that uses most wearable tech knows that the first generation of most wearables is generally very functional but not very aesthetically pleasing. That could be easily exemplified with Google and their Google Glass which now has nice looking frames and no longer makes people resemble cyborgs. Google worked with DvF or Diane Von Furstenberg to improve the overall aesthetics of their wearable technology and it really does help a lot. So, it seems as no surprise that another ‘bland’ looking product like the Fitbit, which is still popular, would get the designer treatment as well. So, here is Tory Burch for Fitbit with a