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Video: First red-band trailer for Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party

The tongue-in-cheek titled comedy will definitely be something the VR World staff will go out and watch. Seth Rogen, the guy behind some of the most hilarious movies, sketches, quotations and tv appearances is the guy behind this – quite frankly, ensuring it will be one belly-hurting laugh fest. In the movie, food learns about their place in time – getting peeled, cut and eaten by humans, naturally sparking the desire to survive, all blended with foul language and lots of laughs overall. The script is written by Rogen together with his comedy partner Evan Goldberg, and Kyle Hunter. Dreamworks alumni Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon


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The Best ‘Nigerian Prince Scam’ In The Galaxy. Literally.

We’ve all seen the ‘Nigerian Prince’ e-mails at least once in our lifetime. After several dozen of uneventful and plainly, boring e-mails, there’s a rather hilarious version of the scam circling around the internet for the past few days. In this instance, the famed Nigerian Prince is actually a Nigerian Astronaut, lost in space. The full e-mail was released earlier by ILF Science giving a full detailed review of the said events. The story is rather compelling, the technical data in the e-mail is mostly accurate and true. This makes this a rather hilarious read, albeit some people will definitely think its true due to


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Video: Chuck Jones – The Evolution Of An Artist

Do you love cartoons? We do love them! Even if it is not socially acceptable for adults to watch cartoons, most of us still do it. Whether its just catching one to eat up time when waiting for your next flight/bus/train ride, enjoying a day off or, having the best excuse of them all; watching it with your kids – we all do it. But, there have been only a few cartoons that stuck with us from the early childhood. One of them is Looney Tunes and this cartoon series can be considered the best of what could be offered. The cultivated and intelligent jokes,