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Star Wars Ray-Tracing Demo and Google’s Maps API at GDC

In this Stories You Might’ve Missed segment, we’ll be covering the final week of March, from the 25th to 31st. Quite a few interesting stories broke in this time, so buckle up while we run you through them. (Also, Skyrim VR launched for PC yesterday if you’re interested in checking it out.) Unreal Engine shows off a stunning Star Wars real-time ray-tracing demo If the video above looks visually-pleasing, get this: it’s rendered in real-time. Visuals like this used to take hours, if not days, to render. So how is this possible? Through a technology called real-time ray-tracing. Nvidia is pushing real-time ray-tracing for its


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Google and NASA Explore the Northern Lights

Google Maps has taken its Street View to the skies. Google’s cameras went to Lake Pitkäjärvi in Finland where the Aurora Borealis shines. These Northern Lights will be explored also by unmanned space probes sent by NASA to study their effect on satellite communications. The display occurs when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the earth’s upper atmosphere. The average individual rarely has a chance to glimpse this awesome display unless they are dressed for mighty cold temperatures. The conditions that make the glow visible only occur at certain latitudes and times of the year. The lake


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Travel the Egyptian Pyramids with Google Street View

The Pyramids of Giza has long been considered as a symbol of awe and wonder at the marvels of the ancient world. Especially today, because the pyramids are now open to the internet realm thanks to Google Street View. Google had just announced that its Google Maps’ Street View option now provides stunning updated and up close images of Egypt’s most famous ancient landmark. The pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure and Khufu are on the head list, but there will be other included sites such as the Abu Mena, Saladin’s citadel and the Sphinx monument. Each of the sites around the landmark will be available using