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Microsoft Pulls an Apple with the New Surface Products

At the annual Surface event, this time dubbed as the Windows 10 event, Microsoft showed us its new, really good looking and innovative devices, as well as software tidbits that we are really happy to see. The company showcased Windows 10 Creators Update, a new update that is expected to become available in April 2017. Windows 10 Creator’s Edition features Paint 3D, better gaming (including 4K and in-game broadcasting) features, a new photo and video sharing feature, as well as Augmented Reality (HoloLens) and Virtual Reality (Windows VR) updates. This is the update that was formerly known as “Redstone 2”, with Insiders Preview to follow later this


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MSI GT80 Titan leaked

Today info on MSI’s new 18″ portable gaming notebook, the GT80 Titan was leaked.


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MSI Unveils AIO Desktops With GTX 980M And GTX 970M GPUs

MSI’s announcement brings the incredibly powerful GTX 980M and GTX 970M to the AIO form factor.


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Nvidia Brings Desktop Level Performance to Notebooks With GTX 980M And GTX 970M

The GTX 980M and 970M consolidate Nvidia’s position in the notebook segment, and for the first time deliver performance that is comparable to desktop level GPUs.


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Maingear, Origin, MSI and Digital Storm Add GTX 980M & 970M

Today Nvidia and their partners launch the new Maxwell-based GTX 980M and GTX 970M for gaming laptops, doubling performance while increasing battery life.