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PSN Hacker Racks Up $600 in Fraudulent Charges, Sony Refuses To Help

One distraught gamer reveals Sony’s exploitative policies regarding fraudulent charges made on the PlayStation Network.


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No, Kevin Mitnick is not Selling Zero Day Exploits to Hackers

Zero Day Kevin Mitnick

There’s a very good chance that today’s Wired piece about Kevin Mitnick’s newest venture has a lot to do with the discovery of the Bash Bug within various Linux and Unix operating systems. This is a bug that could be considered a Zero Day exploit because of the fact that it is a security vulnerability within an application that is possible to exploit due to the fact that the software vendor has no knowledge of it yet or it has not been patched yet. Either way, it is a vulnerability that someone can take advantage of. Now, Wired ran a piece about Kevin Mitnick and his