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New Security Breach: Hacked Cars Force Recalls

A few weeks ago there was a report on a vulnerability in Chrysler’s Uconnect system. It allowed two hackers to remotely operate a Jeep Cherokee and take control of the vehicle in question, thus shutting it down – with Wired’s reporter behind the steering wheel. While this was a controlled demonstration, chances were that rogue hackers could remotely access all vehicles powered by Uconnect. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago, reports came out showing a possible Tesla Model S hack that allows people with the expertise to do so – to hack a Model S and take control of the vehicle in a similar fashion. Still, the


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IT: It’s the Place to be for Job Hunting

As unemployment waivers, people with IT skills are sought after.


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ISIS Ally Hacks US Military’s Central Command Social Media Accounts

Hackers sympathetic to radical Islamist militants in Iraq briefly gained control over some of the U.S. military’s social media accounts.


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Security Expert Discovers Plot by Criminals to Frame Him

Brian Krebs Security

In what sounds like an absolute story out of a novel, security researcher, Brian Krebs, has reported that the Ukrainian criminal that plotted to frame him on drug charges has been nabbed in Italy. This entire story goes back to when a cybercriminal known by the name of Fly, Flycracker and Muxacc started to harass Brian Krebs via Twitter. These threats came in the forms of profane and taunting tweets as well as posting pictures of actions figures holding up his severed head and photos of his credit report. The man known as Fly was a member of multiple Russian/Ukrainian credit card and crime forums and moderated