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The Pirate Bay Adds Torrent Streaming

If rumors are true European ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) are starting to crack down on Bit Torrent users – we’ve seen reports stating that the ISP’s are refusing to hand out IP information to content owners through DMCA rules. Users that are soliciting illegal content become dependent on private IP trackers, or streaming services. Growing popularity of streaming applications such as KODI (former XBMC) and Genesis isn’t showing any signs of slowdown, with the very latest news being that Torrents Time streaming plug-in is now supported by The Pirate Bay, world’s largest torrent site. The Pirate Bay is not the only one, as KickAss Torrents are also adding support. By streaming Bit


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Netflix Expands Further into Europe

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As we fight for our Net Neutrality rights in the US, Europeans, who have their Net Neutrality rights already set in stone are about to get Netflix. Netflix has been the core of many of the Net Neutrality debates in the United States because of how successfully it has challenged the cable operators (who are also ISPs) traditional businesses. Netflix has announced they they plan to expand their service into more European countries than they are already serving, adding the two biggest countries in Europe. So, in addition to the US, Canada, and basically ALL of the Americas, Netflix is also available in the U.K.,