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Nvidia’s Icera Exit Will Cost it $125 Million

Nvidia’s most recent quarter was solid and non-eventful for the company, with all of its divisions posting solid revenue.


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Nvidia Calls LTE Modem Market Quits

Qualcomm loses another competitor as Nvidia calls the LTE modem market quits.


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Nvidia Announces Tegra K1 Shield Tablet for Gaming

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia has been doing a lot of their own consumer products lately, with the original Shield handheld gaming console and the Tegra Note 7 tablet. Each of these devices was actually surprisingly good and they were very good values for the money, especially if you got them at their cheapest ($199 each). Nvidia has learned a lot of lessons from each device and they’ve done a fantastic job of updating both the Shield and the Tegra Note 7. Their updates are so frequent and regular that I almost feel like they’ve got the leg up on almost every other Android manufacturer out there. They are