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David Bowie was Right About the Internet in 2000

All the media outlets and social media channels were swamped with tributes to legendary musician David Bowie. Also known as The Chameleon, his career transpired through decades, and gave inspiration to numerous musicians we all known and listen to today. However, David was also an outspoken intelectual, who often challenged the society and status quo. We stumbled on an interview from 2000, almost 16 years ago, where David talked to Jeremy Paxman about his career and trends in music. From today’s perspective, it is almost incomprehensible to understand why the Internet was so criticized and feared for – and this is something millenials will probably


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Google Fiber Might Be Coming To Chicago And Los Angeles

Google Fiber is a gigabit internet access network and it currently serves both Internet and TV to its users. Right now, it is available in 18 metropolitan areas. The highly touted internet access service is one of the most interesting novelties on the market today. The expansion set by Google Fiber closely follows their competition’s actions. According to reports, Google Fiber will come to Los Angeles and Chicago. We’ve seen AT&T announce their expansion plans. Expansion set to go forward will take the internet providing giant into an additional 38 cities. This will in turn create a lot of buzz for high-speed internet access all across


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Airbus Heats the Space Race, to Build 900 Satellites

While most people think of Airbus and Boeing as airplane manufacturers, the truth is that both Airbus S.A.S. and The Boeing Company, Inc. are conglomerates that manufacture many more products than ‘just planes’. However, the size of those companies enables synergy (but also can slow down the innovation) and use experience from one project to another. According to industry data, Airbus Defence and Space is world’s second largest aerospace company. After going through restructuring process, the company started to adopt procedures from Airbus commercial planes, but also procedures made famous by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, known as SpaceX. By bringing manufacturing techniques from the airplane production line, Airbus


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DirecTV to Deliver 4K Content to Samsung Customers

Samsung Curved 4K TV

DirecTV has launched their new 4K content delivery service through their Geniue HD DVR service allowing Samsung owners to watch some 4K content over DirecTV


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Forbes Writer Gives 5 Reasons to Admire Comcast

Comcast Logo

We’re not really sure what would possess someone to defend one of the most hated companies in America, but Forbes contributor Gene Marks went ahead and did just that. He claims not to be a shill of Comcast in any way shape or form (even though they’ve been shown to pay for positive pieces). They also recently cancelled a promotional event at a legislator’s house, the same legislator that proposed a bill in Kansas to block municipal broadband after the Kansas City Star contacted them about the event. Comcast has also made sure that their lobbying efforts are strong and effective as they’ve effectively got


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Listen: Cancelling Comcast is Like Pulling Teeth

Comcast Logo

Ryan Block tried to cancel his Comcast service recently and the Comcast representative simply would not let him do so without explaining why he’s leaving. The Comcast rep was completely unresponsive and employed sales tactics that have been used many times before to keep people from leaving their companies. With Comcast already behaving a lot like AOL did back in the internet’s early years, this kind of experience could become even more common as Comcast and Time Warner Cable are set to merge. This episode is yet another example of why a company like Comcast should not ever be allowed to acquire any of their


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650,000 Comment on FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

FCC Seal

Nearly 650,000 people have left comments on the FCC’s website regarding their proposed Net Neutrality rules, which were proposed roughly 2 months ago. The comments have been open since May 15th, and will be closed on July 15th, likely with over 650,000 comments on the topic, many of which are criticizing the FCC for not taking a strong enough stance to protect consumers. The FCC’s very own Chairman Tom Wheeler even tweeted about the milestone on Friday, reminding people to continue to leave their comments.   We’ve received about 647k #netneutrality comments so far. Keep your input coming — 1st round of comments wraps up July


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Time Warner Cable Rolling Out 300 and 200 Mbps Service July 7th

Time Warner Cable Logo

Time Warner Cable is rolling out one of the fastest internet speeds available in the country today next month. Our sources have been indicating to us that Time Warner Cable has been in the process of rolling out a 200/300 Mbps service in the San Diego area. They already offer 100 Mbps to new customers, but many of those people will get upgraded to Time Warner Cable’s 300 Mbps service which is one of the fastest in the country. Keep in mind that this 300 Mbps service is still only over cable, so it can’t compete with Google’s 1 Gbps fiber service or the uploads


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Webpass, The Best Little ISP You've Never Heard of


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about ISPs (internet service providers) with the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable as well as all of the Net Neutrality legislation and news going around. In this era of essentially no competition among internet service providers, many customers are generally stuck with 2, maybe 3 choices for internet service in their area, which is actually worse than the current state of wireless which is also essentially an oligopoly. In most places, you have the choice between some sort of cable TV provider that also provides internet service and a telephone provider, usually being Comcast, Time Warner


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Comcast to Divest 3.9 Million Customers, 1.4 Million to Charter

Comcast Divest Logo

In an attempt to placate the FCC, DoJ, FTC and basically every government agency on earth against their acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Comcast has announced that they will be divesting 3.9 million subscribers from the potential Comcast-TimeWarnerCable merger. This new announcement is a huge farce on the part of Comcast attempting to make it look like they’re seriously divesting from certain markets and giving subscribers to Charter. When in reality this new deal they are proposing actually muddies the waters further than a straight Comcast-TimeWarner acquisition and lines Comcast up for a quiet re-acquisition of those 3.9 million subscribers as well as “New Charter”