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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Publishes New Corporate Strategy

Intel Core i7-5775C, one of just only two LGA models in Intel's lineup.

Intel is undergoing a transformation. The company, which at the point ballooned to over 140,000 employees is shedding 11% of its workforce and realigning itself into a new technology / product driven company which will not fight for the market by loosing billions of dollars (look at the ill-fated attempt to buy market share in mobile). Intel will push the ‘logic to memory’. The logic is now being focused around x86 and FPGAs, while the memory will evolve from SRAM / DRAM / NAND to new memory types such as 3D X-Point. In order to drive the (new) message home, Brian published another letter to its employees.


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GlobalFoundries Launches 22nm FD-SOI Process for IoT, Wearables

GlobalFoundries Wafer

Since its inception, GlobalFoundries had a plan to become world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer. From starting as an AMD manufacturing spin-off, the company owners set a multi-decade plan which involved acquiring Chartered Semiconductor and recently, acquired IBM foundry business as well. The capacity grew from initial 60,000 300mm wafers in 2009 to almost quarter billion 300mm and 130+ million 200mm wafers in second quarter of 2015. While the absolute capacity numbers were even higher, the owners (Mubadala Development Company, Abu Dhabi) decided to re-address the capacity and increase volume in processes that make financial sense. In order to stay ahead the company kept on investing in SOI


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Computex 2015 In Review: Advancing Downwards to Dumbed-Down Consumerism

Computex 2013

Computex has seen better years.


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Huawei’s IoT OS is 10KB


Huawei hopes its OS will be one of the building blocks for the IoT revolution.


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Intel’s David McCloskey Looks Ahead at 2015 and Back at 2014


VR World chats with Intel’s director of marketing and business operations for Asia Pacific and Japan about what’s in store for the coming year.


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Robert ‘Robby’ Swinnen Takes The Helm At Intel Asia-Pacific And Japan

Intel Robert Swinnen

Intel’s Robert Swinnen will be responsible for the vendor’s growth in Asia-Pacific and Japan.


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Intel’s Richard Dwyer Talks the Intel Embedded Advantage in the Internet of Things

Rick (2)-1

Without Intel’s embedded technology there would be no Internet of Things. VR World talks to Intel’s Rick Dwyer about the company’s advantage in IoT.


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ARM Announces mbed Platform For IoT


ARM wants to make IoT easier and to create less friction in the develoment of IoT devices, so it has announced a new mbed IoT software device platform.


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ARM Cortex M7 is a Powerful Processor Aimed at IoT Devices


The Cortex A series of CPUs from ARM (NASDAQ:ARMH) are mainly used in smartphones and tablets, and while ARMv8 has heralded a set of features geared toward energy efficiency, the A series processors are too powerful for embedded devices. For this segment, ARM has the Cortex M series of low-power processors, which are used to power devices like sensor hubs, fitness trackers, smart thermostats and connected home hardware. One of the main differences between the Cortex M line from full-fledged mobile processors in the Cortex A series is that they do not feature a memory management unit, which is a controller that parses memory references


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MediaTek Enters The IoT Market With MediaTek Labs


MediaTek (TPE: 2454) is the latest chipset vendor to provide tools to developers venturing into the Internet of Things segment, after the vendor announced that it is launching a MediaTek Labs initiative. The global initiative will see MediaTek provide software as well as hardware development kits to students, developers and any enthusiast users looking to build for the IoT segment. Along with the development kits, MediaTek will offer guidance and support to developers, students and tinkers working on building wearable devices. With MediaTek Labs, hobbyist builders can buy the vendor’s LinkIt development platform for $79, which includes the MT2502 (Aster), a SoC designed for the


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Apple's iWatch to Have Major Health Focus, A Mistake?

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

Apple has been pushing heath and fitness heavily with their most recent campaign for the iPhone. This can be most noticeable in their recent ad campaign featuring Apple’s iPhone and a series of fitness applications and accessories, which include a multitude of wearables. Their campaign states, “You’re more powerful than you think.” So, what is Apple getting at here, exactly? That the iPhone, and Apple, can be at the very core of your physical and health success. Surely, there are plenty of people that are already using many of these devices on both their Android and iOS devices, so that doesn’t necessarily set Apple apart from


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Intel Reports Stronger Q2 2014, Raises Expectations

Intel Logo

Intel reported stronger than expected quarterly earning for the second calendar quarter of 2014. In Q2 2014, Intel [NASDAQ:INTC] managed to report $2.8 billion in profit on $13.8 billion in revenue. As a result, they reported an earnings per share of $0.55 and generated $5.5 billion in cash from operations. They also paid out dividends of $1.1 billion and used $2.1 billion to repurchase 74 million shares. Now, compared to the previous quarter Intel’s revenue of $13.8 billion was $1 billion or 8% higher than the $12.8 billion reported last quarter. Additionally, they reported an increase of nearly 5% to their gross margin to 64.5%


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Hackaday Prize Offers Winner A Trip to Space

Hackaday Prize

There is a hardware contest being run by Hackaday that offers hardware hackers and makers to create something that is both open and connected. This device must be something that can enable others to use it for good and kind of create a cascade effect. A good example would be something like the Raspberry Pi, which has enabled tons of interesting usage applications and spurred tons of people to rethink how we use hardware. The awesome part about the Hackaday prize is that they are offering the winners of the contest to either take a trip out to space on the carrier of their choosing or


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Imagination and Oracle Join Forces, Java Addresses the Internet of Things

Imagination Technologies

Oracle used the Imagination Summit 2014 in Santa Clara, California to announce their affiliation with Imagination Technologies of the UK. The collaboration is aimed at enhancing Java for embedded applications, including those used for the Internet of Things (IoT) and to optimize Java for the MIPS CPU architecture. The MIPS32 and MIPS64 systems will gain support through Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK) for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. Developers can use Java in various applications including routers, wireless access points, residential gateways, networking equipment, and mobile devices. Krishna Yarlagadda, President of Imagination in North America, indicated that his company is extremely committed to growing the


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Intel Reports First Quarter 2014 Earnings, Signs of Stability

Intel Logo

Intel’s first quarter earnings for 2014 were for the most part fairly tepid. Sure, they were able to post an earnings of $0.38 per share on $12.8 billion in revenue, however this only beat analyst’s fairly conservative expectations of $0.37 per share by $0.01. On $12.8 billion in revenue, Intel showed operating income of $2.5 billion and net income of $1.9 billion. Intel’s net income for Q1 2014 was down 5% over the same period a year ago, nothing to cheer about but still much better than previous declines. They also saw an increase in revenue of about $200 million, even though there was a


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Woot Crashes the Price of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch to $159.99

Generic_v700_Right_Black_2, an online discount website owned by Amazon just released its latest ‘deal of the day’. And what a deal it is, slashing the price of an Galaxy Gear Smartwatch by 46%, from $349.99 to mere $159.99. Is it enough to kick the sale volume up? Woot! now offers Galaxy Gear smartwatch for $159.99 As you can see on the screenshot above, you cannot order more than a single unit of the watch, but opening multiple accounts isn’t exactly a problematic thing to do. If you want to, of course. By all accounts, Galaxy Gear failed to land on the sweet spot of tens of