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Why is Cryptocurrency under Scrutiny? Hawala Explained


After the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) imposed a temporary rule that initial coin offerings (ICO) are illegal and that startups must refund all ICO investments to contributors, The Central Bank of Russia also said that it “monitors” the cryptocurrency market and is continuing to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. There is a question though – what are central banks over the world exactly scared of? Russia’s central bank is against allowing cryptocurrencies or any related financial instruments within the Russian Federation. In that way, they reiterated statement from January 2014 which explicitly compared bitcoin to a “money surrogate”, rendering it illegal in the


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ISIS Ally Hacks US Military’s Central Command Social Media Accounts

Hackers sympathetic to radical Islamist militants in Iraq briefly gained control over some of the U.S. military’s social media accounts.


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DHS Pushes New Ridiculous Security Measures


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently posted a ‘warning’ to foreign airports that have direct flights into the US, with an apparent focus on UK airports, namely Manchester and London’s Heathrow. In this posting, Secretary Johnson, the head of the DHS stated that elevated security measures were being implemented based on the ever changing security climate. So, what exactly are these elevated security measures? According to the BBC, these new security measure being implemented in airports like Manchester and London are requiring users to have their electronic devices charged and to be able to power the device on when prompted to. Furthermore, if a


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Twitter Another Battleground in the War in Iraq

ISIS vs DOS Twitter

As the war in Iraq rages on with an upsurge of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) violence in the northern parts of the country, a battle also rages on in the web, especially on Twitter. Originally started by a tweet from what appears to be an unofficial ISIS Twitter account which stated that ISIS brought $500 million worth of wealth to the people of Mosul. This is in reference to the fact that they managed to break into Mosul’s central bank and steal 500 billion Iraqi Dinars which comes out to about $425 million, making them possibly the wealthiest terrorist group the world, overnight.