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The 2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition Is A Bid Farewell To One Particularly Great Car

Earlier today, Mitsubishi Motors Of North American announced the details of the limited-production 2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition. A great way to bid farewell to one of the most important, recognizable and impacting models in history. For many this was the car that redefined the four-door sports car genre, creating unbelievable hype and ensuring teenage boys and their grown up counterparts had something to wish for – for decades. The Lancer Evolution has seen ten generation. Each with its own appeal and allure that created plenty of sales and income for the Japanese car maker. Sadly, it’s being retired. To send it off in style,


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Would You Take Your Smartphone Into The Bathroom? Many Japanese Do

Using smartphones in bathrooms may also be quite popular in Japan, and it’s all perhaps because of one cultural factor.


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Sprint to Dump T-Mobile Bid and Replace CEO

Today is not a good day in Sprint land as according to a report the Wall Street Journal, the company’s board of directors has voted to abandon the acquisition of T-Mobile USA  amid insurmountable regulatory hurdles. Sprint originally made an offer to buy T-Mobile USA to the tune of $32 billion dollars with the parent company of Sprint, Softbank, leading the negotiations and discussions about where the combined company would move post-merger. The problem with this deal was that it was met with a lot of regulatory concern from virtually every single governmental agency involved, not to mention tons of public outcry. The Department of Justice (DOJ),