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Logitech develops tangible solution to VR keyboard input

Logitech yesterday announced the availability of the BRIDGE developers kit, an SDK intended to assist application developers with the challenge of effectively enabling text entry in virtual reality environments. The kit, designed to work with the HTC Vive, includes a Logitech G gaming keyboard, a Vive Tracker to enable proper keyboard positioning, and associated software. The software interfaces with the HTC Vive Tracker to seamlessly integrate a virtual keyboard (complete with key animations) and the user’s hands into any SteamVR app. “The developer’s application does not need to manage anything; the overlay appears automatically as soon as the associated Vive Tracker is turned on,” explained


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Tt eSports Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard Reviewed

Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN-

The new Tt eSports Challenger Prime keyboard proves that it is a feature packed entry-level motherboard that costs much less than you would think.


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BlackBerry Tells Loyal Fans: Rejoice

Looking very similar to the BlackBerry Bold, the beleaguered company has announced its new BlackBerry Classic. It’s smaller and most importantly, sports a full QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons that are not virtual. That’s right; you can do your input on physical keys once again. Aimed at diehard fans who held on to the original BlackBerry which had been considered the best game in town, the Classic is reminiscent in design. If the newer, bigger touchscreen devices are too bulky for your shirt pocket, the Classic’s touchscreen is only 3.5 inches leaving room for the retro keyboard. The sculptured keys are backlit and come with


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Cougar Introduces the 600K Gaming Keyboard

Cougar 600K

Cougar unveiled today the 600K mechanical keyboard, which offers something cheaper than its 700k at a lower cost.


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QPAD Launches MK-70, Mid-range Mechanical Keyboard

QPAD, the eSports and gaming peripheral company announced the MK-70 mechanical keyboard today.  The mechanical keyboard has Cherry Red switches, adjustable led backlighting,  media keys, and gold plated connectors. The MK-70 takes QPAD’s top of the link MK-85 and removes the programmable keys, USB ports, audio ports.  QPAD sees this as an ideal gaming board aiming to give gamers what they want in a keyboard without the added premium of those extra features.  QPAD is a Swedish company that is known for their high quality gaming and eSports peripherals. MK-70 Features: Cherry MX red mechanical switches Ultra-durable, long life keys designed to last 50 million strokes Individual LED backlight with four levels


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How to Enable Multi-language Voice Typing on Android

Multilingual Voice Typing

Learn how to enable Google’s voice typing in multiple languages at the same time without any additional hassles.


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Best Buy CEO Sees Tablet Sales Plummeting

Best Buy Logo

Are tablets finally reaching the point of saturation? According to Best Buy’s CEO, Hubert Joly, they are “crashing” as he stated in an interview with recode. In fact, Hubert says that they’ve seen a revival of the PC’s growth in sales within Best Buy which accurately depicts some of the trends we’re seeing in the industry as a whole with Intel and others reporting better earnings quarter after quarter. Hubert partially attributes it to the fact that Microsoft stopped supporting XP and the fact that there are now thinner, more portable PC formfactors that also act as tablets. Best Buy [NYSE:BBY] has been struggling as of


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Synaptics' Thintouch Keyboard for 2-in-1's at Computex 2014

Synaptics Thintouch

We sat down at Computex 2014 with Synaptics’ Godfrey Cheng and Scott Poole to talk about the company’s latest innovations, including their developments with their Forcepad. I was personally unaware that Synaptics’ first generation Forcepads actually had glass built into the touchpad to enable the Forcepad to work correctly and evenly distribute the pressure. However, the new generation of the Forcepad is capable of measuring the smallest amount of pressure at every point and no longer uses glass, making the touchpad more flexible, less breakable, and thinner than the previous generation. We also got some hints that the company might be working on some interesting


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Corsair Launches Variety of New Products at Computex 2014

Today at Computex 2014, Corsair released a variety of new products. First up are the Cherry MX RGB Gaming Keyboards, the first mechanical keyboards to utilize the Cherry MX RGB switches that allow for different lighting. They’ll be available as the K70 RGB and K95 RGB. Also launched is the M65 RGB mouse, a gaming mouse that provides three zone 16.8 million color backlighting. The K95 RGB will have an MSRP of $189.99, the K70 RGB will be $169.99, and the M65 RGB will be $69.99. Next up is Corsair’s new Hydro Series HG10 GPU cooling bracket. The cooling bracket will replace the reference cooler


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Tactus Signs Wistron as Strategic Manufacturing Partner

Tactus, the maker of the tactile touch technology (with many applications) has signed a strategic manufacturing partnership with one of the world’s largest ODMs, Wistron, which includes a strategic investment from Wistron to help Tactus grow. For those of you unfamiliar with Tactus, they are the company that originally started out a few years ago promising to bring physical keyboards to touch screens. Now, they are promising to bring physical buttons to more than just touch screens, but with far more usefulness and simplicity. We actually have a video of Tactus’ latest technology from this year’s CES to demonstrate how the technology works. This announcement


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Avoid Microsoft keyboards – “bug” or a “feature”?

I’ve just received word from Eran Badit of NGOHQ.Com fame, who encountered an interesting experience with Microsoft keyboards. Acorrding to Eran, keyboards to avoid are following: –    Wireless Keyboard 6000 –    Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 –    Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 It seems that the keyboards are suffering from some sort of keystroke lock, which is pretty bad if you are a gamer or multi-tasker (I can imagine more than one scenario in Photoshop where I am pressing more than 3 keys at the same time). You can follow this developing story here.