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Tesla Model 3 to Cost as Little as $18,766

Tesla Model Announcement

Elon Musk recently posted on Twitter that the reservations for Model 3 will take place starting on March 31 in Tesla stores, and April 1 for online customers. Unlike all of its the previous models – Roadster, Model S, Model X – Model 3 will be launched on a global scale, with every market covered. If you are interested, you will need to put $1,000 down, and bear in mind that the delivery priority as always – will go to the customers who will order higher trim / spec car, as the sales develop. Perhaps the key part of Model 3 selling strategy is how Tesla Motors, Inc.


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Taiwan is on Google Play’s Top-Five Market List


Taiwan is one of Google Play’s top five markets.


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Taiwan Is Trying to Reduce Its Reliance on China


Taiwan is trying to seek more foreign markets to avoid reliance on China


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Reports Say Malware That Hit Sony Was North Korean


Security investigators find Korean characters in the code’s metadata.


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Cross-Strait News Daily Round-up For Nov. 26

2014-11-25 17.46.17

Highlighted business news in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong for Nov. 26, 2014


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Samsung and Globalfoundries Collaborate on 14nm FinFET


Samsung and Globalfoundries have announced a partnership to collaborate on a global scale to deliver 14nm FinFET technology to their customers. This partnership is different from the already existing Common Platform Alliance which includes Globalfoundries, Samsung and IBM, but is likely a product of that relationship considering that IBM is mostly a research fab and doesn’t really produce many commercial wafers. This 14nm FinFET collaboration is an effort by both companies to build up enough fab capacity in order to satisfy the demand of their customers on this leading-edge technology. As you can see from the slide above Samsung and Globalfoundries’ partnership means that the