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AMD: We are ramping our GPU production

Because of the increasing market demand, AMD said that they are planning to increase production of graphics cards which are currently in short supply. Recently they launched RX Vega GPU that you simply can not buy anymore because of the raising popularity inside of the crypto mining community. AMD admitted that their Radeon cards were also in short supply and said that the “guilty ones” were exactly the mining applications. Therefore, the company promised to increase production and said that they are hoping to satisfy the growing demand without disappointing any of its customers. “The graphics channel is very low, and we are certainly working


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AMD’s CEO Lisa Su: Virtual Reality Could Grow to 100 million Users in 5 Years

AMD is focused. Those three words best describe AMD’s quarterly results, growing in revenue from $1.03 to 1.22 billion (YoY). Biggest gain was recorded in the Radeon and Ryzen business, i.e. Computing and Graphics. That business segment grew 51%, recording full quarter of RYZEN revenue, and of course, growth in eSports and surprisingly to Wall Street, cryptocurrency demand. In an recorded interview with Sushie Gharib from Fortune, AMD CEO Lisa Su stated that “there is no one thing in magic, when it comes to turning around large corporations, but it is all about focus.” Gong back to the drawing board with CPU and GPU roadmaps


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AMD Ships One Million Ryzen Processors for the Launch

During the official launch event in San Francisco, AMD revealed / confirmed rumors about their upcoming Ryzen family of processors. Focus seems to be on what seems to be “Intel-beating” Ryzen 7, their new top of the line processors. Ryzen 7 line-up consists solely out of 8 cores, 16 threads processors. A trio of fastest Ryzen models will launch globally on March 2, and according to Digitimes, the company prepared no less than one million processors for the launch itself. That one million is essentially consisted out of three models, plus the upcoming Ryzen 3 and 5 Series. In all fairness, it is weird to


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Intel Can’t Hide Strategical Mistakes, AMD to Pounce?

If you would align your wristwatch to the sound of Intel’s tick tock, you would miss your important meeting. The launch of a new generation of processors represents a symbolic beginning of a new cycle and for Intel, “Kaby Lake” launch was everything but normal. First launching the Ultra-low Voltage parts (the U series), then the Desktop line-up and finally the mainstream notebook designs, with troublesome rumors about its enterprise, Xeon-branded counterpart. Kaby Lake is perhaps too focused on the processor power task rather than processor performance. A lullaby. The same story for the last six years continues. Admittedly, for the past 18 months there were whispers


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AMD RYZEN Launch: Finally a Competitor?

At their “New Horizon” event in Austin, Texas, AMD (finally) introduced the first production Zen processor. To make the matters interesting, the company did not show the high end version of the Zen architecture, but rather the entry level 8-core version. The demonstrations included several CPU-intensive workloads; Blender and Handbrake, 3D rendering tasks with the ZBrush and KeyShot. No enthusiast demonstration would be complete without gaming, thus AMD also included Doom, Star Wars: Battlefront (Rogue One DLC), Dota 2, and Battlefield 1 demonstrations. The event also featured a demonstration of base 8-core Zen (product line also to include sexa-core and quad-core processors) going against an 8-core Broadwell-E Core i7-6900K in


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AMD is Finally Fabless, Dead Certain to Secure a Profit in Q2 2016

When Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced its first quarter 2016 results, the company executives stated that they’re on track towards return to profitability in the second quarter of this year. In Q1 2016, the company suffered a $109 million loss on $832 million revenue, during a silent quarter stifled with the lack of orders (post-holiday blues in the West meets Lunar New Year two-week slowdown). The announcement of the Chinese Joint-Venture which might lead to AMD enterprise x86 processors becoming a standard feature in Chinese government institutions is going to earn company much more than the $293 million licensing fee, as AMD now has access to a plethora of R&D grants


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New AMD Corporate Strategy Starts to Pay Off

Over the course of last year, AMD’s upper management started to split the company into two key elements – one that would drive the technology forward (Radeon Technologies Group) and one to make sure the technology brings back ‘best bang for buck’, mostly through licensing agreements and new industry collaborations. Radeon Technologies Group is being lead by Raja Koduri and his management and engineering team, while Dr. Lisa T. Su is driving the monetization aspect of AMD as the corporate entity. Less than a year after making an announcement that AMD is ‘open for business’ by licensing the core IP technologies such as CPU or GPU cores. We’ve


Path of product development is often less-than-glamorous. Engineers spend thousands of working hours to improve the initial prototypes and quite often, path to great design is paved with less-than-stellar prototypes. A good example is AMD’s concept PC for VR Gaming. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su told VR World: “When I saw the (Project Quantum) prototype system for the first time, I was far from being impressed. It looked so bad with wires and cables that I was wondering why are we spending our time on that project. It was Chris (Hook, AMD / RTG Director of Global Marketing) that convinced me to give engineers time to complete the


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14nm AMD Greenland tapes out: Attack on NVIDIA Pascal, Intel Xeon Phi

Couple of days ago, GlobalFoundries issued a press release stating that they ‘demonstrated silicon success on the first AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) products using GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ most advanced 14nm FinFET process technology.’ “FinFET technology is expected to play a critical foundational role across multiple AMD product lines, starting in 2016. GLOBALFOUNDRIES has worked tirelessly to reach this key milestone on its 14LPP process. We look forward to GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ continued progress towards full production readiness and expect to leverage the advanced 14LPP process technology across a broad set of our CPU, APU, and GPU products,” said Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Micro Devices.


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AMD Plans Layoffs, Restructuring After Rough Quarter

The third quarter of 2014 was bad for AMD (NYSE:AMD), but the company expects the worst is yet to come.


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AMD Discloses Rory Read’s Golden Parachute, Lisa Su’s Starting Salary

SEC documents filed show that Su will start at a lower salary than her predecessor.




如同我們先前的報導所述,John Byrne和Lisa Su兩人取代Rory Read擔任首席執行長的競爭,已經沸沸揚揚了好一陣子,今天公佈的消息讓這場競爭就此劃下句點。公司宣佈將由Lisa Su博士取代現任首席執行長Rory Read。他在當時比較類似擔任公司的代理首席執行長,負責挽救在Thomas Seifert領導下,幾乎垮台的公司。 AMD投資人關係的聲明指出Read會在過渡時期擔任顧問,繼續為AMD(那斯達克交易代號:AMD)效力,並且會一直留任至2014年底。我們曾在報導中提到Su先前負責管理公司的嵌入式與專業產品,但她在就職極短時間之後,就接任首席執行長了。事實上,Su在接掌全球事業群之前,便擔任這個單位的總經理,從這點就能看出她有望角逐首席執行長一職。 這是AMD持續進行結構調整的過程,也是本月執行大規模重整的第一步,我們在上週就指出這點。AMD即將進行許多改變,且公司董事會撤換Read絕對是明智之舉,因為事實擺在眼前 – Su的確精通公司的產品和市場。Read的工作是讓公司繼續營運,且在必要時疏通關係,瞭解他在公司職責的人一定都能看透這點。等到像是Su這樣的人才獲得適當的職位培訓,了解該如何就此經營業務之後,他在位的日子也就不長了。事實上,Su先前在AMD的多數工作幾乎可說是迷你首席執行長的職責,這或許能解釋她擔任首席執行長的消息,為何沒讓多少人感到訝異。 Su同時也是AMD的第一位女性首席執行長,這再度顯示了資訊科技業的進展,像是Oracle、IBM、HP和許多全球最大型的企業現在都由女性領導。雖說Su身為女性無論如何不該影響公司或她的表現,但這對整體科技業的女性來說還是一件好事,因為這樣就不會引發女性在業界只能勝任哪些工作的錯誤觀念了。 請觀賞以下影片,了解Su對就任新職以及公司走向的看法。


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AMD Appoints Dr Lisa Su as CEO, Replaces Rory Read

As we had reported earlier, the race to replace Rory Read as CEO between John Byrne and Lisa Su had been heating up for quite some time and now that race is over with today’s announcement. In today’s announcement, Dr. Lisa Su replaces the current CEO Rory Read who was more of a caretaker CEO for the company as they came out from the verge of collapse under the rule of Thomas Seifert. According to a statement from AMD’s investor relations, Read will continue to be with AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) in order to support the transition in an advisory role, remaining with the company through the


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AMD to Enter Another Round of Restructuring This Month

AMD Restructuring

AMD is once again continuing on the company’s path of restructuring with another major reorganization of the company coming later this month.


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AMD's Latest Restructuring: Let the Race for CEO Begin?


So, AMD announced that they would be reshuffling the company’s corporate structure which includes some business unite consolidation and executive shuffling. First and foremost, they would be appointing Dr. Lisa Su as the COO from her current position as Senior Vice President and GM of Global Business Units. Anyone that knows how AMD works and what Dr. Lisa Su has been doing already knows that she’s effectively been the COO for quite some time and that the company had actually vacated that position a long time ago. Keep in mind that AMD’s current CEO, Rory Read, was once COO of Lenovo before he came from


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AMD's New AMDextrous Strategy, Skybridge and Custom 64-bit ARM Cores

AMD Ambidextrous Strategy

AMD has long been pressured by many of their investors, industry analysts, and various press to show some more core innovation. Well, today, AMD announced their core innovation update in San Francisco and streamed it online as well. The company came out with all their major executives, including current CEO Rory Read as MC, to talk about their new ambidextrous approach, combining their expertise with x86 with their new found interest in ARM, especially in embedded and servers. The update itself focused around the official announcement that AMD will be licensing ARM’s v8 architecture for their own ARM CPU cores, which comes as little surprise