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If Fitness is Your Holiday Target, Get the Fitbug


The Fitbug is a wearable device that you can buy that enables daily activity monitoring from exercise, rest and even sleep, empowering healthy living


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Wi-Fi Hotspot Name Delays LA to London Flight 14 Hours

American Airlines Wi-Fi Delay

Someone’s questionable Wi-Fi hotspot network name on a flight from LA to London sparked a huge delay, causing the flight to return to the gate.


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DHS Pushes New Ridiculous Security Measures


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently posted a ‘warning’ to foreign airports that have direct flights into the US, with an apparent focus on UK airports, namely Manchester and London’s Heathrow. In this posting, Secretary Johnson, the head of the DHS stated that elevated security measures were being implemented based on the ever changing security climate. So, what exactly are these elevated security measures? According to the BBC, these new security measure being implemented in airports like Manchester and London are requiring users to have their electronic devices charged and to be able to power the device on when prompted to. Furthermore, if a