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Futuremark 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test Lets You Benchmark DirectX 12 And Mantle

Want to benchmark DirectX 12? Now you can.


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AMD’s Mantle Efforts Come to an End

AMD Restructuring

AMD suggests developers focus on Direct X 12 or OpenGL instead.


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Who Needs Mantle? DirectX 12 Shows Big Performance Gains at SIGGRAPH

Microsoft has appeared to have developed a viable competitor to AMD’s Mantle if the benchmarks displayed at Intel’s SIGGRAPH booth in Vancouver are consistent with real-world performance. According to benchmarks and a demo ran at Intel’s SIGGRAPH booth, DirectX 12 offers a 70% boost in performance over DirectX 11 and offers substantial power savings to0. The demo run was a graphically intense simulation of what appears to be an asteroid belt with 50,000 asteroids rendered on screen. This is similar to AMD’s demo of Star Citizen — where tens of thousands of individual ships are rendered in a big dogfight — that it uses to


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Mantle Goes Beta, Still Not Quite Open to All…

AMD’s Mantle API, since its inception has been considered to be a fairly exclusive program with AMD getting hundreds of requests (if not thousands) from developers all around the world to test out Mantle. Obviously, a company of AMD’s size isn’t entirely capable of supporting thousands of developers, yet. AMD is still struggling to achieve profitability and cannot commit enough engineering resources to the Mantle team in order to really give Mantle the attention it needs. Yes, Mantle is a proprietary set of low-level APIs and does give game developers unparalleled flexibility and that is why so many developers are excited to take a crack


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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Trailer, to Support AMD's Mantle API

There’s a new Civilization game that was just announced with a new game trailer and some limited screen shots. This new game is called Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth and it is basically the Civilization game franchise going beyond this planet and becoming SciFi. This game will focus on other worlds and universes and alien planets and will likely put humans against their environment and each other. Firaxis hasn’t said much about the game itself, but they did provide a pretty interesting trailer as well as some somewhat boring looking screenshots. Hopefully the game will look more interesting than the screenshots they provided when this