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Microsoft Unveils ARM-based Windows 10 With Full X86 Compatibility

Four years ago, Microsoft was lead by Steve Ballmer, caught in a whirlwind of the “tablet tsunami” and eroding market share. The company wanted to ditch its traditional desktop apps in favor of new touch-based apps for tablets which featured ARM processors. A half-hearted project named Windows RT was born. “Windows on ARM” project debuted on Microsoft’s first Surface RT device featuring NVIDIA Tegra processor. It was a bold and confusing attempt to force people into a new world of touch apps, but Microsoft made the fatal mistake of providing something that looked like Windows but didn’t function like Windows. Windows RT couldn’t run traditional desktop apps, but


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OpenOffice 3.0 brings Sun servers to their knees

It looks like Sun has finally found a package that will bring its servers to their knees. The company just released OpenOffice 3.0 package of office applications and found their servers to barely handling heavy load from thousands of interested users. While loading, I was greeted with HTML 1.0 looking page and a following statement: “Apologies – our website is struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand for the new release 3.0 of The technical teams are trying to come up with a solution.” All in all, not exactly unexpected. OpenOffice 3.0 is the most popular office package after Microsoft Office, and it