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Google bringing 1 million VR expeditions to Middle Eastern students

It looks like nothing is immune to the spread of virtual reality. Education certainly isn’t, and as part of Google’s push for VR in education, the company is bringing its “VR Expeditions” to students in the Middle East. VR Expeditions allow virtual tours of locations all around the world, which provides a more interactive learning experience for students. To make this possible, Google is partnering with Munfarid, a VR/AR-centric Middle Eastern company. The partnership between the two has produced the VRXOne kit, which includes headsets for students and a tablet for instructors to control the experience. With the help of Google Expeditions, Munfarid plans to



Israel Sent Cobra Attack Helicopters To Jordan To Fight The Islamic State

According to Foxtrot Alpha, Israel has just sent sixteen AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunships to Jordan, to fight the Islamic State and the growing threat of terrorism in that area. This is a rather daunting showcase of how much the neighboring states are actually perplexed by the issue of attacks within their borders, thus once sworn enemies are now helping each other in ways like this. The deal was set and done months ago, with the reveal for the public happening right now. The helicopters have been refurbished, upgrades were made, done by U.S. contractors on site according to the source in question. The AH-1 “Tzefa”served


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Acer and Asus Losing Competition to Rivals in the Europe, Middle East and Africa: IDC

IDC’s latest report said that Acer’s and Asus’ business in the Europe, Middle East and Africa is shrinking


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BlackBerry Tells Loyal Fans: Rejoice

Looking very similar to the BlackBerry Bold, the beleaguered company has announced its new BlackBerry Classic. It’s smaller and most importantly, sports a full QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons that are not virtual. That’s right; you can do your input on physical keys once again. Aimed at diehard fans who held on to the original BlackBerry which had been considered the best game in town, the Classic is reminiscent in design. If the newer, bigger touchscreen devices are too bulky for your shirt pocket, the Classic’s touchscreen is only 3.5 inches leaving room for the retro keyboard. The sculptured keys are backlit and come with