Motorola Crosses 3 Million Sales In India, Redoubling Efforts In The Country


Motorola will focus its attention on India, and may unveil devices in the country ahead of other global markets.


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Motorola Enlarges Moto G, Offers Same Great Value For Money


At an event in New Delhi, Motorola (NYSE: MSI) unveiled the new Moto G for the Indian market, with the device set to go on sale later today on Flipkart. Like the first-generation Moto G, the latest model offers great value for money. As is becoming the case with more and more manufacturers, Motorola has taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto with the new Moto G. Barring slight visual changes, the new Moto G is virtually identical to its predecessor. The new Moto G features a 5-inch 720p display, the only major change in terms of the hardware. The larger screen


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New HTC Phone Competes with Moto G Dual Sim

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HTC launched its Desire 516 Dual Sim in India with a budget price tag of Rs. 14,200 ($237 USD). It is being seen as an alternative to the higher priced Moto G Dual Sim at Rs. 19,999 ($333 USD) or about the equivalent of $100 less. Motorola customers may be ready to make the change not only because of price, but also because of dissatisfaction with performance. Some units of the Moto G with unregistered IMEI numbers would not work on domestic networks in India. Motorola offered affected customers full refunds, replacements, and credits to their Flipkart account. The HTC Desire 516 claims to run on


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Motorola Moto E Dumbphone Killer Arrives for $130

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Motorola already changed the world quite a bit when they released the midrange Moto G for $179. Now, they’re trying to change it again by releasing the Moto E for $129 and at the same time release an LTE version of the Moto G for $219. The Moto E is Motorola’s attempt to lure the ‘dumbphone’ crowd into the smartphone era without making them commit to anything major in terms of cost or complexity and making sure it will ship with the latest version of Android. They even started a campaign called #GoodByeDumbphone and tried to promote their launch of the Moto E with the