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The best smartphones for a great VR experience

Looking for a mobile VR experience but aren’t sure which phones support it and which do a better job? Below is VRWorld’s list of the best smartphones for the greatest VR experience. What limits the selections? But before we dive too deep into it, it’s important to know what limits the selections here. There are 3 main VR platforms for mobile users and they are: Google Cardboard – Supports most modern Android devices, but has limited capabilities (no motion controls), compared to competitors. Largest overall app ecosystem. Google Daydream – Supports many high-end flagship Android devices and offers motion controls. Good app ecosystem, but smaller than


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Xiaomi To Open 100 Experience Stores In India

Xiaomi will launch 100 experience centers in India this year as the vendor looks at ways to increase its visibility in the country.



Motorola Crosses 3 Million Sales In India, Redoubling Efforts In The Country

Motorola will focus its attention on India, and may unveil devices in the country ahead of other global markets.


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Motorola Returns to China with New Devices

Motorola returns to China and introduces new products to the market.


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Motorola Acquisition Sets up Lenovo For Big Wins in 2015

Lenovo is looking to integrate Motorola and IBM’s server business this year, and is targeting to become the number one server vendor by the end of the decade.


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Motorola Returns To China With The Moto X Pro

Motorola will sell the Moto X, Moto G LTE and the Moto X Pro – a rehashed Nexus 6 – in China.


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Top 5 Android Phones of 2014

Android Lollipop Android Smartphone

Over the course of 2014 there have been many great Android Phones but we decided to make the Android phone buying decision easier by picking our top 5


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Moto X Gets Android Lollipop Before Nexus Devices

Moto X 2014 Lollipop

Motorola’s 2014 Moto X is getting updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop today with some users getting update prompts, beating Google’s own Nexus line of devices.


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Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Moto Lenovo Co

After many months, Lenovo has finally closed their acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google, who had purchased it from Motorola in 2011


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Nexus 6 Leaks Ahead of Expected Launch

Nexus 6 Leak

Popular smartphone leaker, Evan Blass, also known as Evleaks, has leaked another much anticipated device, the Google Nexus 6, supposedly made by Motorola


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Motorola Moto 360: The Best Android Wear Device Yet

When Android Wear was released there were only two options available, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch (currently being reviewed).  Unfortunately, those were rather uninspired and were pretty bland design wise.  When Motorola showed its design for a Wear device, it really got a lot of people excited as it is a striking design with a round LCD display under Corning Gorilla Glass.  It really looked like a watch and not some band that so many other wearables have ended up looking like.     Taking a closer look at the watch it becomes very impressive after having used the Samsung Gear Live.  The round LCD


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Motorola Enlarges Moto G, Offers Same Great Value For Money

At an event in New Delhi, Motorola (NYSE: MSI) unveiled the new Moto G for the Indian market, with the device set to go on sale later today on Flipkart. Like the first-generation Moto G, the latest model offers great value for money. As is becoming the case with more and more manufacturers, Motorola has taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto with the new Moto G. Barring slight visual changes, the new Moto G is virtually identical to its predecessor. The new Moto G features a 5-inch 720p display, the only major change in terms of the hardware. The larger screen


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Qualcomm's Bill Davidson Goes to Globalfoundries


One of Qualcomm’s most senior and pivotal employees has been snatched up by the fab company Globalfoundries after spending 12 years with the company. Bill Davidson has been a investor relations and global marketing executive at Qualcomm for the past seven years, last assuming the role of SVP of Qualcomm Investor Relations, SVP of Strategy and Operations for Global Market Devlepment-QTI. QTI is Qualcomm’s biggest business unit, accounting for almost all of the company’s non-licensing revenues and profit. Davidson has been one of the pivotal figures inside Qualcomm over the past 12 years at the company, and his departure surely comes as a surprise to many.


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New HTC Phone Competes with Moto G Dual Sim

htc logo

HTC launched its Desire 516 Dual Sim in India with a budget price tag of Rs. 14,200 ($237 USD). It is being seen as an alternative to the higher priced Moto G Dual Sim at Rs. 19,999 ($333 USD) or about the equivalent of $100 less. Motorola customers may be ready to make the change not only because of price, but also because of dissatisfaction with performance. Some units of the Moto G with unregistered IMEI numbers would not work on domestic networks in India. Motorola offered affected customers full refunds, replacements, and credits to their Flipkart account. The HTC Desire 516 claims to run on


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Time Warner Cable Rolling Out 300 and 200 Mbps Service July 7th

Time Warner Cable Logo

Time Warner Cable is rolling out one of the fastest internet speeds available in the country today next month. Our sources have been indicating to us that Time Warner Cable has been in the process of rolling out a 200/300 Mbps service in the San Diego area. They already offer 100 Mbps to new customers, but many of those people will get upgraded to Time Warner Cable’s 300 Mbps service which is one of the fastest in the country. Keep in mind that this 300 Mbps service is still only over cable, so it can’t compete with Google’s 1 Gbps fiber service or the uploads


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80 Tech Companies Cooperating with NSA, Claims Wikileaks


Since we’ve had quite a bit of time between Snowden disclosures of NSA activities, it appears as though Wikileaks has gotten ahold of some secret NSA documents that name names as to whom has been cooperating with them. They claim that they have over 80 different companies in their strategic partnerships. The Wikileaks obtained slide states that these 80 “Major Global Corporations” are supporting BOTH missions. However, the document doesn’t specify exactly what both of those missions are, exactly. However, since this slide is labelled as COMINT that means it specifically pertains to communications between people, which may narrow exactly what those missions might be.


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Motorola Moto E Dumbphone Killer Arrives for $130

Moto E White and Black

Motorola already changed the world quite a bit when they released the midrange Moto G for $179. Now, they’re trying to change it again by releasing the Moto E for $129 and at the same time release an LTE version of the Moto G for $219. The Moto E is Motorola’s attempt to lure the ‘dumbphone’ crowd into the smartphone era without making them commit to anything major in terms of cost or complexity and making sure it will ship with the latest version of Android. They even started a campaign called #GoodByeDumbphone and tried to promote their launch of the Moto E with the


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Motorola and LG are Launching New Phones Next Month

Motorola and LG

It seems as though May is going to be a pretty busy month in the smartphone industry, much like April was. This month we saw the Launch of the HTC One M8 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, after their announcements in the months before. Now, it appears to be Motorola’s and LG’s turn as Motorola is rumored to be announcing the Moto E and Moto X+1 on May 13th and LG is expected to launch the LG G3 on the 27th, an update to the G2 from last year. The G2 last year was a fantastic phone and really cemented LG’s platform in


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European Union Seeks to End Mobile Patent Wars

European Union

The European Commission, a part of the European Union, has been handing out warnings to various smartphone manufacturers letting them know that their frivolous lawsuits and patent attacks are not going to be welcome by the European Commission. In two separate statements, the European Commission has reprimanded Motorola Mobility and worked with Samsung (after reprimanding them) in regards to anti-trust behavior pertaining to injunctions on their competitors they have sought based on essential patents. Interestingly enough, both of these cases pertain to 3G and GSM patents that Motorola and Samsung had brought against Apple and requested that there be injunctions against Apple’s products being imported into those


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Intel’s license attack on Nvidia is an old “Thank You”

This Monday, Intel filed papers claiming that Nvidia’s four-year chipset license does not apply to Nehalem architecture (Core i3, i5, i7, new Xeons) e.g. that Nvidia has no right in manufacturing chipsets for Intel processors that use integrated memory controller. These news come just after Nvidia enabled SLI on Intel’s X58 chipse6t, including Intel’s own DX58SO motherboard. Given the current state of affairs between the two companies, I was not surprised that Intel is going to oust Nvidia from the chipset market. How Nvidia came into the Intel chipset market is another story – at the time, Intel was seriously hurting with its Prescott marchitecture