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Samsung Enables 16GB to 32GB HBM2 Graphics Memory

Samsung Semiconductor is on a roll of late. The company introduced FinFET transistors with the 14nm process last year for logic, beating Intel for the first time in history to to a new manufacturing node. 14nm process expanded from in-house Exynos SoC processors to customers such as Apple, Qualcomm and others, while Intel was trying to get Broadwell architecture out the door. This process was followed by the announcement of ultra-dense 15nm NAND Flash memory, and now the company announced mass-production of next-gen memory standard – HBM2. The company announced that it started mass production of High-Bandwidth Memory 2 chips using its 20nm process, which just got


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NAND Flash Industry to Grow More than 10% in 2015: TrendForce

NAND flash industry is expected to make a comeback next year.


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Toshiba Launches 15nm NAND Flash Chip Samples

Toshiba (TYO: 6502) has announced the roll out of its very first 15nm NAND flash memory chip. The chips are already available for sampling starting this October, with the first 16GB version chips to be shipped first and the rest of the other size versions to follow shortly. This new NAND flash memory chip utilizes both the flash memory chip and its controller in a single board. Toshiba claims that this optimization technique promises an overall increase in its data transfer speed (8% read, 2% write), as well as making the chips around 26% smaller compared to its predecessors. Its updated interface also boasts a significant increase in speed,