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Two key breakthroughs are enabling next-generation semiconductor future “IBM, its Research Alliance partners GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung, and equipment suppliers have developed an industry-first process to build silicon nanosheet transistors that will enable 5 nanometer (nm) chips. The details of the process will be presented at the 2017 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits conference in Kyoto, Japan. In less than two years since developing a 7 nm test node chip with 20 billion transistors, scientists have paved the way for 30 billion switches on a fingernail-sized chip.” “a team in the US has shown that this isn’t the case for metallic vanadium dioxide(VO2) –


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Noctua NH-D15 Review: The Benchmark For Air Coolers

The Noctua NH-D15 is the gold standard for dual-tower air-cooled heatsinks.


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Noctua Launches Low-Profile NH-L9x65 CPU Cooler And NF-A6x25 PWM Fan

The NH-L9x65 is Noctua’s latest CPU cooler aimed at smaller builds.


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Noctua NH-U9S And NH-D9L Review: The Best CPU Coolers For Small Enclosures

Noctua’s latest CPU coolers offer the same amount of performance in a much smaller size.


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Performance PCs Crazy 75% Off Cyber Monday

The enthusiast PC hardware and cooling website Performance PCs is having a massive 75% off Cyber Monday deal that is sure to please many enthusiast PC users


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Noctua Rolls Out New 92mm CPU Coolers

Noctua’s latest CPU coolers continue the brand’s tradition of offering cooling solutions with minimal noise levels.


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Noctua’s Core i7 adapter arrives

A while ago, I wrote a piece about Noctua, Austrian company that decided to give away LGA-1366 adapters to all owners of their products. Since I own NH-U12P cooler with adapters for AM2/AM2+/AM3 and Socket 775, I needed the adapter for LGA1366, for the last piece of the puzzle called Core i7 meets QuadFire over Smackover ;-). It took a week for a package to arrive, which is not so bad for a free adapter. This adapter allows you to do rotation to a multiple degree, and I can’t wait to bring you the pictures and the video of setting the system up. The video


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AMD Phenom II gets a price – less than $400!

After dropping the bombshell last week, more details about AMD’s exciting fight back are slowly coming to life. Several e-tailers decided to get under the limelight and listed pricing  of upcoming Phenom II processors. As well all know, the Phenom II will be launched on the first day of CES 2009 (January 9, 2009), and the launch models are 920 (2.8 GHz) and 940 Black Edition (3.0 GHz). According to Australian website Austincomputers, the price of Phenom II 940 Black Edition is set at 532.40 Australian dollars (€264/US$342). It does not stop there – , Italian e-tailer who listed prices for both Phenom II



Gelid launches kinda-unique Wing fans

GELID is recently founded company by two friends of mine, Gebhard and VC Tran (nope, his first name is not Venture Capital ;-). The goal of the company is to build business based on combining the Swiss expertise with Far Eastern manufacturing capabilities, much in the same way as their previous company, Arctic Cooling or Noctua (with role of the Swiss replaced by Austria). Mountains and cooling, these two probably go hand in hand. Anyways, I just received a press release stating that the company launched its Wing UV Blue series. Wing will probably come to market in green and red too, but for now,


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CoolIT preparing something new…

Maker of world’s most effective water-cooling setups, CoolIT Systems – is currently putting a pedal to the metal in development of their new product. I managed to learn that the company is working on greatly improving their product and designing robust solution that will be an ideal product for LAN party lunatics, which have to be really careful with their water-cooling setups during transport from their homes to LAN parties and back. You can expect that the new product will also be price-friendly, and hopefully, one day water-cooling will be mainstream. There is nothing better than putting a Noctua 120mm fan on Freezone Elite and


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Noctua proves its focus on consumer happiness

Friends at TechPowerUp! recently reported that Noctua, well-known firm in the cooling business decided to give a very pleasant present to the owners of their CPU coolers. With the arrival of Intel Core i7 processors, Noctua announced that the company is giving away free mounting kits for LGA1366 socket. Named SecuFirm2, this socket adapter is compatible with all Noctua coolers since the company arrived on the market, three years ago. As soon as Nehalem processors and motherboards reach the stores, you can go and visit Noctua’s website and file an online request. You have to give out proof of purchase of either Noctua cooler or