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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 First Look

It has been a long overdue, the time has come to write an article on physical activity i.e. sports. Over the past couple of decades, we’re witnessing a big problem everywhere in a world – people just do not exercise and make dubious choices of removing the balanced diet. From Hawaii to the continental U.S., Germany or Croatia, Singapore or China – high percentage of people on this planet do not exercise at all (I know I don’t do it regularly). If you plan on challenging the status quo with your own body, we have a cool gadget named Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Design The default


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Boeing’s Vision on Future of Flying Revealed

Beginning of each year is filled with New Year resolutions and how can we improve ourselves. This goes for the companies too – just the same as people reading this site. We received a video from Boeing’s corporate communications featuring their vision of travel. None of the seats in this video are nothing more than a concept, but it would be interesting to see how the company will tailor its future ‘cash-cow’ aircraft, the Boeing 777-8 and 777-9 (Boeing decided to remove the ‘X’ from the name). It’s not directly mentioned, but this cabin concept and its seating arrangement clearly show that it is a concept design


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Sony, Panasonic and Other Companies Form OLED Industry Group

Japan’s biggest tech giants, along with other Japanese corporate entities have banded together to form a new company in the name of OLED technology. Sony, Panasonic, the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), and Japan Display (JDI) have announced their collaborative plans to establish a new company, JOLED. The new company will spearhead the integration of both corporation’s research and development efforts into the commercialization of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology. The main focus of JOLED is the acceleration of the development of OLED technology, to widen its prevalence in the consumer tech market. From a production standpoint, research will be focused on the development of



OLED set to arrive in 2011

DisplaySearch, market research subsidiary of analyst giant NPD released a report titled “OLED Lighting in 2009 and Beyond: The Bright Future”. This piece analyze trends in market adoption of panel development. According to DisplaySearch, OLED lighting market will take off in two years from now, during 2011. By 2013/2014 timeframe, revenues should reach as much as six billion USD, but more important – market adoption should follow suit due to favorable pricing. Key feature of OLED lighting is the fact that it will enable creation of multiple-usage products, such as mirror or windows with integrated displays… such as one the picture below. Treehugers and alike