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AMD’s CEO Lisa Su: Virtual Reality Could Grow to 100 million Users in 5 Years

AMD is focused. Those three words best describe AMD’s quarterly results, growing in revenue from $1.03 to 1.22 billion (YoY). Biggest gain was recorded in the Radeon and Ryzen business, i.e. Computing and Graphics. That business segment grew 51%, recording full quarter of RYZEN revenue, and of course, growth in eSports and surprisingly to Wall Street, cryptocurrency demand. In an recorded interview with Sushie Gharib from Fortune, AMD CEO Lisa Su stated that “there is no one thing in magic, when it comes to turning around large corporations, but it is all about focus.” Gong back to the drawing board with CPU and GPU roadmaps


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Path of Exile PvP Invitational Tournament Starts This Weekend

Invitationals will be organized as double-elimination tournaments consisting of 16 players and lasting about 2-3 hours. Eight Standard League and eight Hardcore League players will compete in 1v1 matches that will decide overall Standard and Hardcore match winner. After this they will then fight in a grudge match to crown the region’s Invitational winner. Players that compete in this are all chosen based on their performance in this season’s PvP events and tournaments.