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AMD Confirms Sony PlayStation Neo Based on 14nm CPU and Polaris?

AMD's Mission Statement

During AMD’s 2016 Investor Day, the company disclosed its growth strategy. Many of the focal points are in motion already, or even public. For example, AMD sealed the deal with THATIC, Chinese government owned investment fund – which will see their x86 processors enter Chinese enterprise and government sectors in a big way. Second part of the strategy was to finally become a fabless semiconductor, with all the risks and rewards involved with that move. The company spun off its packaging facility, making a total cash intake in excess of $664 million – plus all the unannounced grants that the company is bidding for. Still, perhaps one of the biggest future announcement


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Nvidia Credits AMD for Unifying Game Development

Nvidia Invites You to the Order of 10

During the Nvidia’s “Power of 10” event, Jen-Hsun Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Nvidia Corporation talked about the positive shift in mentality for game developers. Game development in the past segmented resources between consoles and PCs, often resulting in sub-par experiences on the more powerful hardware. PC-focused eSports today have an audience of over 300 million viewers, easily rivaling or even beating more established ‘real’ sports. In 2013, the situation for PC gaming was rather grim. The arrival of new, AMD powered consoles brought the x86 architecture back to Microsoft (Intel x86, IBM PowerPC, AMD x86), and marked the third architectural change for Sony (SGI MIPS, IBM PowerPC,


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Sony PlayStation NEO Console for VR Revealed?

Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4

According to multiple sources we managed to talk to during the last couple of industry conferences, and the story that just break today, Sony is rushing ahead towards introduction of “Playstation 4.5”, codenamed NEO. The company decided to update the console rather than performing a ‘simple’ die shrink, a tactic both Microsoft and Sony utilized over the lifetime of their Playstation 2 and 3, Xbox and 360 consoles. The original plan for NEO was to introduce a 14nm die-shrink of 8-core Jaguar processor and an update of a GCN-based graphics processor. However, a shift from 28nm to 14nm is significantly more complex due to the fact that 28nm process used


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Developers Says PlayStation VR is The Best

Sony PlayStation VR

WCCFTech recently spoke with developer Alfonso del Cerro, the founder of Pentadimensional Games, in a short interview about creating the upcoming first-person superhero game, Megaton Rainfall. This will be one of the first titles on Sony’s highly-anticipated PlayStation VR headset and is also slated to arrive on the PC. He said Sony first showed interest in the game when the company played it last year at GDC 2015. “They were looking for projects for PSVR and I was showcasing MR at the Indie Megabooth,” he told the site. “Since then, they have been very friendly, they helped us with the visibility, showing the game in videos,


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Introducing Sony’s Project Morpheus

Sony Project Morpheus

As we enter the second half of 2015, we are presented with a virtual reality market that is saturated with high-end and entry level products. From the low-cost Merge VR headset to Microsoft’s HoloLens, the VR market has exploded and offers an incredibly diverse array of products for consumers to consider. With this in mind, several of the frontiers opposing virtual reality have been overcome already. Take the suggestion that VR hardware would be prohibitively priced, for example, as while some headsets are relatively costly there are others that have targeted the lower end of the market (think of Google’s simplistic Cardboard invention). There are


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Sony Plans to Release 1TB PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4

Sony issues two new PS4 models, but they aren’t the big console refreshes we’ve been waiting for.


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Bloodborne Expansion Is In The Works, Says Sony


Sony confirms that DLC for Bloodborne is in the works, but we won’t have details until later this year.


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Sony Buys Up OnLive’s Patents Amid Service Shutdown

OnLive Hardware

While OnLive bites the dust, Sony has nabbed the service’s patent rights to bolster its own flagging game-streaming service PlayStation Now.


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Spotify PS4 And PS3 App Launches Today, Is Timed Exclusive


Sony locks down exclusivity rights to Spotify to fuel its music-streaming service, revealing a new facet to timed exclusivity: software apps.


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Suspend/Resume Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

PlayStation 4 Jet Black PS4

The PS4’s v 2.50 “Yukimura” update releases tomorrow, adding in a ton of functionality including suspend/resume, HDD backups, and more.


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WB Delays Batman: Arkham Knight Again

Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s finale gets pushed back a few weeks, and reports of a Arkham Asylum/City remaster collection spring up.


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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo Impressions

FF15 Splash

Join us as we explore and fight exotic enemies across the sunlit grasslands and craggy spires of Final Fantasy XV’s Duscae region.


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Sony’s PlayStation Vue Live TV Service Launches In Select Cities

PS Vue2

Sony’s new live TV streaming service brings the functionality of a cable set top box with a Netflix-like subscription plan.


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Sony’s PS4 And PS Vita Come To China This Month

Chinese PS4 PS Vita

Sony’s PS4 and PS Vita handheld make the overseas trip to China later this month, commemorated with special edition variants and launch games.


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New PS4 2.50 Firmware Update Brings Suspend/Resume, Custom Button Mapping

PS4 v 2.5 game resume

Beta testers of the PS4’s new V2.50 firmware update reveal that features like suspend/resume, custom button mapping, 60fps share play and more are coming to the console.


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Sony: Project Morpheus VR Headset Won’t Be Wireless

Project Morpheus Sony VR Headset

To reduce latency and preserve that authentic VR immersion, Sony’s Project Morpheus will need to be directly hooked up to the PS4 at all times.


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Explore Duscae In These New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots


A new wave of gorgeous screens get us hyped for next month’s Duscae demo.



Hype For The Order: 1886 Falters Amid Reports Of 5 Hour Playthroughs

The Order 1886 RAD

Is The Order: 1886 a game or just an interactive movie? Gamers are criticizing Ready At Dawn’s new narrative-driven PS4 exclusive, causing hype to plummet.


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Dying Light Review: Dead of Night

Dying Light

Techland has learned from its mistakes to craft one of the most memorable and fun zombie games in recent memory.


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Persona 5 Might Be The Most Stylish Game I’ve Ever Seen

Persona 5 Phantom

Take your heart.