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Monster Hunter Clones, and Why We Love Them


With the newest Monster Hunter game announced, let’s take a look at the games that its series inspired, Monster Hunter clones.


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PS Plus March Lineup Revealed: Valiant Hearts, Oddworld New N’ Tasty And More

PlayStation Plus

Oddworld New N’ Tasty, Olli Olli 2, CounterSpy, Valiant Hearts and more make up Sony’s PS Plus lineup for March.


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Xbox One Flops in Japan, But the PS Vita Can Save It


The PS Vita is still massively popular, while the Xbox One is struggling to keep its sales up… wait, what?


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PS4 and PS Vita to Get Interactive Themes

PS4 themes

The PlayStation 4 and PS Vita handheld are getting customizable themes, Sony has confirmed in their pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. The long-awaited features are planned to roll out with system update 2.0 on PS4 and 3.30 on the PS Vita, and will feature dynamic semi-interactive animations. Along with re-creating virtual environments from various games, the themes will have customized homescreen layouts for a distinct style and look. Much to the delight of the audience, SCEJA President Atsushi Morita showcased the PS4’s new interactive dashboards with a Kuro and Toro theme. As players swipe through their system apps and games library, Toro sits with a virtual


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PSN and Xbox LIVE Hacked, Alleged Culprits Step Forward (Updated)

PSN Logo

Update 2: The PlayStation Network is now online, but Xbox LIVE support is still reporting that “gaming and social” features are limited. Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are still unable to play games online and communicate over party chat, and the support team says that it’s “working alongside our partner to get these issues fixed ASAP”. Update: As promised by both hacking groups, Xbox LIVE has been compromised. This affects both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms, cutting off services like social chatting and online gaming. Gamers can still buy and play owned content, view the website, and watch media across a host of different apps,


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Sony Passes Nintendo and Microsoft to Take #1 Spot

Sony Playstation 4

According to sales numbers compiled for 2013, Sony has overtaken Nintendo to be the #1 game console seller in the world, combining both mobile and stationary consoles. Considering the PlayStation 4’s wild success this comes as little surprise. According to Nikkei’s numbers, Sony beat Nintendo out by selling 18.7 million units of their consoles, which include the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 globally in fiscal 2013. That’s even with a huge 20% decline in PS Vita sales primarily due to the staleness of the platform and mobile gaming taking more market share. This is in contrast to Nintendo’s 16.3 million, which can almost entirely be attributed