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Playstation 3 Gets a Price Drop in Japan

Sony has decided to give its beloved Playstation 3 a price slash-off in Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) announces a price drop for its Playstation 3 console, specifically for its 500GB charcoal black version. From its original equivalent price of $290.00, it would now be available locally in Japan with an equivalent price of $250.00. The new price adjusted black charcoal version will now be marketed with the model number CECH-4300C. Following this, Sony plans to stop production for the current 250GB and 500GB charcoal black versions (CECH-4200B and CECH-4200C respectively), along with the 250GB classic white version (CECH-4200BLW). After the new black charcoal


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High-Tech Chaos Ensues in the New 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Today Activision unveiled world premiere multiplayer footage for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that left quite an impression. The trailer showcased key elements of the multiplayer experience, highlighting the blisteringly frenetic pace of combat and satisfying array of high-tech gadgets and guns. The arsenal includes some innovative new toys such as a wrist-mounted grenade launcher, a concussion rifle and even a heat-laser that is startlingly similar to Halo 3‘s Sentinel Beam. Other goodies include fanciful space-age war-toys like machine-gun toting drones and turrets that rain a hell of bullets on enemies to tried-and-true SMG’s. There was also this thing, which looks like it delivers terrible death on anyone that


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A Must Read: How Microsoft screwed Sony

Bombastic book that explains all the dirty background work that happened in Texas, during the design of next-gen microprocessor for Sony and Microsoft consoles. If you’re into tech thrillers, this is one book to read – and it is not a fiction title.


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Sony demonstrates Gran Turismo 5 in 4K resolution

Past couple of weeks brought two big anniversaries. Gran Turismo dinged 10 years in October, and then Half Life celebrated its won 10 years. Both games changed the world of their respective platforms. Personally, I’ve stated numerous times that the only game I would play on PS3 was Gran Turismo series (borrowed PSOne to finish GT1 and GT2, bought/sold PS2 for GT3 and now considering getting that legacy-enabled PS3 for GT3, GT4, GTHD and GT5 ;-). During Downshift Session 2008 event, Polyphony Digital held an impressive demonstration, showing Gran Turismo 5 (I guess Prologue) in 4K resolution. Sony provided the SRX-S110 digital cinema projector, outputting


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INTERVIEW: PhysX can double PC game sales

Recently, I managed to get a sit-down with Roy Taylor, Nvidia’s “go to guy” when it comes to gaming. Roy is a well-known advocate for The Way It’s Meant To Be Played development program, and Roy isn’t afraid to shout out his opinion. In this unedited interview, you can see what thoughts are coming out from Nvidia and the direction TWIMTBP is taking. GPU Physics unleashed Theo: The PhysX pack had an excellent response since its launch in August. Recently, 178.24 drivers were released, containing a new PhysX library (btw, installation of the driver can occasionally hang due to PhysX v8.09.04.exe not loading up). Did


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How to name a SVGA projector today? It’s a Wii projector!

Going through dozens of e-mails can only lead to depression… or revelation. I’ve encountered a press release stating that BenQ is releasing two short throw DLP projectors: MP512ST and MP522ST. The former is targeting gaming market with quotes such as “ideal for playing the Wii”, while the latter should excel in business and education. Or so the press release goes. The fact of the matter is that MP512ST is geared towards the Wii because it sports a resolution of 800×600 pixels (SVGA), and if it stayed there, we would be happy. But the release continued quoting that an 800×600 projector is ideal for “PlayStation 3