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ARM Giveaway Winners Announced!

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" Tablets

As we had promised, we would be giving away two Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1″ tablets thanks to ARM helping us celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We asked you guys to tell us what ARM devices you guys had and to tell us when you would do with your tablet if you won one. Some of you followed directions, some of you didn’t, but what was the most interesting part was that some of you learned that you had ARM-powered devices and didn’t even know it. In fact, ARM devices are not just limited to most mobile (smart and dumb) phones, but also routers and


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ARM and BSN Partner for 5th Anniversary Giveaway!

We’ve partnered with ARM and their 50 Billion Chips initiative to give away two Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1″ tablets! All you have to do is leave a comment here telling us what ARM-based devices you own and how having one of these awesome Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1″ will improve your daily life. We love to hear from you guys and even more importantly, we love giving stuff away. These are both 16 GB Wi-Fi tablets with stunning WQXGA (2560×1440) resolution displays and even more importantly, ARM SoCs. We’ve had a great relationship with ARM, including the announcement of new products from their server partners with